Why are some Threads closed sooner than others?

Can you please stop breaking up discussions because you don’t like, Xojo?
For example, what good reason was there to end this discussion now?

In my opinion, Xojo is not only too careless with our personal data, but Xojo is also far too strict in dealing with open discussions.



I’m sorry you feel that way, but there have been at least two discussions of this nature since the forum switch (and at least one prior), and this has been addressed directly by the team on multiple occasions. Requests for changes should be going to those members of the Xojo team I mentioned.

The intent is not to limit discussion or censor users, but to direct requests and efforts down the most appropriate path. I hope that clears things up.
– Anthony

Well, Anthony is known to be quite trigger-happy with shutting down stuff. Reminds me a bit of Star Wars …


In that case you post a link, but you do NOT shut down the discussion. That’s just bad.

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That we continue to discuss doesn’t mean that we don’t write to the right people to request changes.

These discussions (as long as they are civilized) do no harm anyone. But to end discussions just because the opinion is not opportune, does!


These discussion tend to distract from the purpose of the forum, which is to help each other with Xojo. The team has responded numerous times, and continuing to create new threads is unlikely to change their stance. I suggest contacting them directly because that’s what they’ve asked be done.

My intention is not to stifle useful conversation, but to steer users in to areas where they will be most likely to achieve their goal.

Attacking me for this will accomplish little.

Xojo Team Responses (among many others dating back years):

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Can we please at least agree that “steer users in to areas that where they will be most likely to achieve their goal” is a good thing but shutting down discussions (which may lead to better solutions) is a “not so helpful” behaviour? :wink:

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Unfortunately I don’t agree with that. Other users will see the continuing discussion, and may not see the post from a moderator or Xojo staff member directing to the appropriate course of action. We already saw this in the first post on the new forums about the privacy issues where people couldn’t determine what to do because the directives were lost in the follow-up discussion.

Ideally, we’d never have to moderate in any way. We already moderate very little for a community of this size, and most of those moderation actions are taken against spam accounts. Locking threads, likewise, typically only happens under one of the following scenarios:

  • Xojo has provided an appropriate alternative means of providing information
  • Enough information has been gathered and further discussion may only cloud the issue
  • A thread has gone off the rails to such an extent that it really can’t be saved without taking more painful actions

I don’t like moderating threads, personally, but in the interest of getting people the information they need or upholding the forum guidelines, I have no recourse.

In my opinion, this should never be a reason for shutting down a discussion in a Forum.
But since you posted this, we only “cloud the issue”… :wink:

Agree to disagree.

Trust me when I say that my goal is, pure and simple, to make all of our development lives easier. I want to help Xojo users and Xojo alike. I want it to be easy for users to find the information they need, and help foster a friendly and professional community. I use the tools at my disposal, adhering to the guidelines provided by Xojo, to try and achieve that.

Maybe it would help more if you help with advice and shut down less … :roll_eyes:

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This Thread is not against you, Xojo Stuff has also done it before many many times.

It’s just that we can mark a Post as Solution so it does not get lost in a conversation. There’s no need to shut down a discussion just because one thinks it can’t lead to a better solution…

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While marking a solution is a great feature, clicking a forum topic link can often lead to the middle of a discussion if you’ve started reading it before so the user may not see the accepted solution. I know that I, at times, just start scrolling through without really reading some threads and hop to the very last comment. I know many others tend to do this as well, just by reading the many topics I read each day and seeing the disconnects in the discussion.

I’m sorry you disagree with my choice of action, but I do stand by it.

I thought you were a MVP and supposed to voice the community’s concerns to Xojo, not act as a guard of what the forum should be.

Because just in case you hadn’t noticed, a lot of people moved to another forum because you shut down threads … so how does that tally with your MVP status???


I have to agree with Anthony, endless discussion in separate threads when the answer had already been posted is a waste of everyone’s time and energy.

Xojo staff have said time and time again to get in touch with them personally to address any worries you have. Just do as they ask, it’s their forum not yours, follow their rules.

Is there an off-topic forum on here that all these threads could be created in that is set to not followed by default for everyone?

I for one don’t want to see these threads over and over, I want to see stuff about programming in Xojo.


As an MVP and Moderator, I have many discussions with Xojo team members about the questions and concerns of the community. There are many people who’ve reached out to me directly who can attest to this. Just because you’re not aware of something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, Markus.



You can hide all those Areas you don’t want to see.

I like that you stand by your actions. I really do. I just would like to see discussions not be shutted down so soon. :slight_smile:

As I said, I don’t like feeling like I have to do these things, but in the interest of making it clear to others how best to proceed or ensure things don’t get so out-of-hand that a thread is irredeemable, it is sometimes necessary.


I would like to thank you all for your feedback, and I am making a note for the Xojo staff to review this thread and my related actions.