Forum - showing full name (Not good!)

Why the guidelines? Could you please follow GDPR?
Thanks for the edit functionalities anyway…:wink:

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I think the underscore looks ugly and would like to use ThomMcGrath instead. Would that be acceptable?


+1 for this if allowable, thank you!
I’ve misunderstood and fixed my own name!
(there is something that allows us to have a display name with spaces, please check with Gary!)

I think the point is maintain a personal contact and avoid anonymity and confusion. I don’t think they are making money off the underscores. :slight_smile:


Yes that’s fine.

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Forum access is not a requirement to use Xojo. Anyone who feels they can not represent themselves anonymously enough within our guidelines can choose to not participate on the forum. We are not legally bound to the GDPR as we are not a European-based company nor does the United States have an agreement with the EU in this matter.

Having said that, we have made significant efforts in several areas of our business to support the GDPR. On the forum, we give our EU users an option that does not provide complete anonymity. There are times when being anonymous is appropriate but those should be the exception not the rule. I don’t have to tell anyone what happens online when people feel they have nothing to lose. The more out in the open people are (using real names, using real pictures for avatars) the more trustworthy they are and that helps build better online communities.


Legally it does…

It’s not about the policy is wrong or the guide lines, they are not a problem. but when it comes to it people should be able to:

  • Delete their account
  • Change name (as you can even legally change your name)
  • Hide your activity from the general public (so not everyone sees your name, for example only people that are -accepted by- or verified as being actual persons.

GDPR is a protection against abuse (of personal information) and freedom, not actually meant for hiding people on the internet.

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I read that, and it’s interesting. The premise is, it does because they say it does, but I cannot find any challenges in court. I’d expect that premise, if so challenged, would be found wanting by a foreign court. A jurisdiction cannot reach across borders and impose their laws on people who are not within their domain.

Just my 2¢.

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Well all of you people in the EU and in the USA can argue it out. Both entities have form for insisting that their laws apply in other countries. This is not acceptable behaviour.

The way I read that page, it doesn’t. Xojo isn’t intentionally targeting customers in those countries.

So why then why can i buy “Xojo” in the EU ?
The service is the product not the forum. I’m not a legal expert but i feel here the “website/forum” is meant for support as xojo doesn’t truely provide it 1-to-1 for all licenses, thus it’s part of the main product.

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Feedback is the 1-to-1 (more or less) support medium for Xojo.

Actually, the GDPR is quite clear about its application. The fact that you are an US based company does not prevent you from respecting the GDPR and the article 3 is pretty clear about it. From the moment you sell a good or a service to a European citizen, you fall under the scope of the GDPR, either the organisation is based in the US or in Japan. The GDPR is crystal clear regarding its extra-territorial scope. There is no need for an agreement on this matter between the US and the UE. You are legally bound to the GDPR from the moment you sell Xojo, Xojo Cloud to EU citizens.


Does GDPR Apply to US Companies?

The GDPR applies to US businesses, regardless of their size in terms of revenue or staff, if at least one of the following two conditions are met:

  • The company offers good or services (even in the absence of commercial transactions) to EU/EEA residents.
  • The company monitors the behavior of users inside the EU/EEA.

This part is what i read from it…

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This seems to have been disabled in the last 10 minutes ?

Yes, it applies to the EU customers (so US customers do no require to have these options as far as i know, they may all be named and kept on locked down accounts …:wink:

Some people were not following the guidelines, so just contact a moderator if you want to make a change.


wouldnt that make them rules not guidelines ?



As I mentioned in my other thread, I am more than happy to share my full name, but it MUST meet my display standards. Some of us do care about these things.

Can you use a non-breaking space?