Forum - showing full name (Not good!)

I cannot change the way my name is showed on the new forum. I do not want it to display my full name (first and last).
It seems you cannot change this in the preferences. Although it should regarding GDPR.

So… how can I change this asap?


Sending you a message about this to get it sorted out.

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Did not received a message yet.

I do not want to display my full name either. How can I change it quickly ? Also, I would not be surprised if you break the GDPR on this issue.


Yes, the is breaking GDPR for sure. In fact, forum users should be able to change the display name anytime.


I don’t mind showing my full name to others that are logged in, but I don’t like when anybody can see it by just visiting the forum.

get all users renamed? please make me MarkusR

I’ve changed this for you.

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I’ve changed this for you.

If anyone else would like their username to be less identifying, please feel free to message me and I’ll get to it when I can.

@AnthonyCyphers Can you post the solution generally for users to change their username as it could become and issue for Xojo Inc vis a vis GDPR. It’s all EU citizen’s right to be able to control what is shared publicly.

I don’t have a problem sharing my name but I understand there are some who do.


Users cannot currently change their own display names.

something else, can you allow users to delete her own old topics?

Thank you Anthony for the quick change. Very much appreciated, but this does not solve the issue. Users should be able to change their usernames as this is private information under the GDPR. Usernames are private information and belong to individuals. Xojo is breaking here the article 4 of the GDPR.

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I too don’t want my full name visible to people whobare not logged in.

Could you change my name to Julen please, thank you.


Beside the fact that i would like to have more control over my privacy regarding my full name here, my name is missing the last letter… :wink:


We understand the concerns. If you’d like to change your display name, please contact a forum moderator. We do ask you to follow guidelines, please see the example below:

Name: John Peter Smith

John_Smith (Default)

Forum moderators are:



Why the guidelines? Could you please follow GDPR?
Thanks for the edit functionalities anyway…:wink:

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I think the underscore looks ugly and would like to use ThomMcGrath instead. Would that be acceptable?


+1 for this if allowable, thank you!
I’ve misunderstood and fixed my own name!
(there is something that allows us to have a display name with spaces, please check with Gary!)