Xojo web 2020r1 problems

Thanks for answering. Nice how you Act. Stupidity in it is: to is Not Mystics. Ist is discussed since 2016 and it is there. Whatever you beleave you can behave to me like this: Reality nice. So, Lyon Answer is: Not at all will xojo be our tool for the Future. Your Answer was Helping me with this decision. So, we Leave xojo Environment and rewrite in a Professional Language. Like we anyhow do with Java. Xojo was a worden decision. So thanks for? Ah: nothing

I got feedback working in ubuntu focal and I’ve not used linux seriously in around 20 years.

Lucky. Depends on graphics drivers. In the meantime I got it working also. Thanks for reply

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You have yet to provide anyone with full images, feedback cases, or examples of this issue you keep talking about. Looking very closely at the image I see it says OutOfBoundsException, this is not a javascript error so most likely an issue with your code. I have been running very big Web 1.0 applications for years without any issues like this.

While I am upset Xojo is dropping Web 1.0, I understand they are small and would rather make Web 2.0 good than have a mediocre Web 2.0 and a Web 1.0 with the still long-standing issues that cannot be fixed without the big rewrite. I think they have seen enough demonstration by the community that stuff like MouseDown events (with X/Y) and KeyPress events are deal-breakers. I expect that they will focus on this for the next release along with some other gripes users have. Maybe even a “theme editor” that gives us the back the WYSIWYG RAD tool we like. Assuming there are no more platform ending events like Big Sur, Web 1.0 should be good for at least enough time for users to migrate over to Web 2.0.

I gather that English must be your second language but for god sakes please run your post through spellcheck or something like Grammarly.

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First I can decide what to do. Second I have no need to do cause we are leaving xojo. For what I shall fight? This out of bounds exception is coming up because of the xojo error. Good that you know more…but sorry, you will never tell me what I have to do. And yes English is my second language and I was sending most replies with my iPhone. Sorry for spelling mistakes. So xojo story is endet, close cases Good bye.

Serial a great idea, very useful

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True, you can do, whatever you want, but don’t be surprised if you upset people. If this was your “tone” when asking Xojo for support in the past then I’m not surprised that no one helped you. Case closed for me. Good bye.


It was not my tone. I am in a real bad situation if the known errors will not be fixed for 2019r3.x. And this is the Situation. Shows me that I need another Solution cause xojo has none. It is okay and I will get away from xojo. The concept is the best on market. That makes me upset. Cause in my Case I have to change. Not more not less.

And 3.1 doesn’t work with 10.11, so it depends on your target.

At any given point of time, a Xojo release has many bugs anyway, so you’re comparing Xojo 2020 with not enough functions against Xojo with all its bugs.
If Xojo 2020r2 has also a lot of bugs, it would be equal to compare 2020r1 and 2020r2 as 2020r1 and 2019r3. Even 2020r1 has bugs.
So use a “buggy” release (potentially any one) that fits best your needs (namely, 2019r3).

I know what you mean and you are right. But that was the moment I got that there will not be an update of 2019

And some other things are getting better too. Don’t see only a single side of the coin.

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after reading all of these posts, I can’t recall the initial question . . .

And I am not sure such a lengthily thread such as this one really helped somebody.


Granted, the subject of the thread won’t help much in remembering the original question :wink:

I guess it’s one of these threads where no direct help could have been given but at least it was a discussion and providing point of views can be a starting point for real help.


I stopped paying Xojo on 2018r1.1!

Why? a lot of bugs. no fix. no feedback timeline to fix the bugs.

it’s sad, very sad.

  • there is no possibility of an action / key pressed / mouse down event anymore for rectangles - is a big deal.

And the MsgBox to MessageBox change was just stupid. No developer is asking for that.
When I pay my license fee, I don’t want development money going to that sort of crap.
I’ll add a script command to replace MsgBox with MessageBox on every build.


It looks like a suicide. Remember, you don’t just have pro users.


Nor do they only have citizen developers :slight_smile:
But all this was hashed and rehashed during the 2019r2 and 2.1 cycles and we’re where we are today


Xojo 2019r3 has some major web issues as well that are marked as fixed in 2020r1… Unless Xojo 2020 is a feature complete replacement for 2019, I think hotfixes will be needed for issues like this. And indeed, that’s why we pay license fees.

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Personally I would not expect to see any additional fixes for 2019r3.x