Xojo web 2020r1 problems

Never I saw a peace of Software wich was degenerating in a so high speed than xojo. With 2020r1 you where cutting:

  • web styles (ok, ho needs web styles, there are indicators)
  • there are not chances to build up new indicators
  • renaming of messagebox is a really great new feature…not
  • Buttonevent-System changed (I am not able to understand how can it be that a button has not the event action anymore but pressed? WTF shall this be. Doing Rewriting of code as a game?
  • there is no TCP socket implementation anymore, you have to do it from class
  • there is no socket implementation anymore all sockets are to implement from class
  • there is no possibility of an action / key pressed / mouse down event anymore for rectangles
  • Buttons can have only one Color through the indicator. But you cannot edit them

What I cannot see is the foundation for changing massive elements of a language instead of the single element implementation. So there where a chance for implementing later. Starting from MessageBox where the call has changed from msgbox(“textstring”) to Messagebox(“textstring”). It is not even a bit of a change for the user but a big change for the programmer. Cause of thisa implementation way I have to rewrite all message boxes in my App. Around 70.

This makes it impossible to change ti IDE environment in a fast way and it makes it impossible to workout the IDE implementation.

I know that there will not be any change in this behavior of xojo but I need to get this out after the feedback System is not working under Ubuntu focal…


With XOJO Web 2.0 it is impossible for me to use xojo in Future. Until now xojo could get the mouse position of a mouse down event in relation to the canvas I was clicking on. This we used as standard way to do positionings in our medical Applications. Without this functionality: WHY DEVELOPS SHOULD USE XOJO?

When Perlman wrote, that it is not neccessary for developers to have this kind of events for web canvas and so on he gave the evidence, that he do not even know a bit of the work of the customers.

Sorry but this is a katastrophy for my company and my customers.

Why xojo is doing stuff like this? How they want to exist in future?


to be fair: you’ll still be able to develop in the current 2019R3.1 version of Xojo.

But the fact they releasing a product which is far from being as feature complete as it predecessor is also driving me nuts.

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Please use Xojo 2019r3 and wait for more features coming to Web 2 with Xojo 2020r2.

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Web 2.0 is just a public beta. We have got absolutely zilch for our license fees this year. And to think we used to criticise IBM for vapourware!


Fortunately, you were not continuing to work on a project for a client…

The Problem is: 2019r3.1 has many, many, many BUGS wich where never corrected. So I am stocked between bugs of old and bugs of new xojo and in the middle a project with nearly 8000 lines of code. Thanks for getting money yearly and not doing anything what is needed I would like to say

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Same here with over half of a million lines of code.

Just wait until WebFF 2.0 gets better. 2019R3.1 is not perfect (if that any release ever was?!), but it is fairly usable. So stick to 19R3.1 and renew your license after Web 2.0 is more mature.

2019R3.2 (3.1 does not work for Big Sur).

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Let’s be fair, Xojo is not Vaporware. It’s a Betaware.

That’s one of the Problems I have with 2019r3.1. Others are IDE is becoming really slow, copy paste is not working correct under windows…there are many points wich where corrected never. When I was complaining about Xojo 2019 r31 and Ubuntu Focal (not installing correctly) they told me to use feedback system…guess what you cannot install it on Ubuntu Focal. So what? What shall I do? I can not work with the Version 2019r31 nor with the Version 2020r1. And I shall hold this without complaining and without being upset? Impossible. I am paying 800 Bucks a year for what? For a 2019 wich was all time buggy? Or for a 2020 wich is coming in second half of the year and everybody says I should wait for 32 or r3? When will this be? And another question: how shall I complain about my problems if feedback system is not working. So, I want to get an official answer.

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3.2 was released weeks ago.

And 3.2 was only fixing Mac stuff. The Bugs with Linux (IDE and Compiler) and the Bugs with Windows are not interesting. One of the Bugs was nearly killing my mind. But in the meantime making cash is more impoprtant. It should be a Bugfixing…and Web 2.0 should have the same abilities and of corse the same API calls as Web 1.0. Otherwise we will have to rewrite tons of code.

But there is a Solution: next year I am writing my shitty peace of Stuff with Netbeans Java. That will helkp me out of this ■■■■. I can write to the Support like a dead Horse: nothing happens.

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Yep. Linux seems a third class citizen for Xojo. But, do yourself a favor, make the feedback system to work to send reports. One way is installing a supported OS in a VM and install the feedback there, send your reports from there while you can’t use it in your preferred distro.

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If it would work with >Linux at all I would but I will not install WindowS FOR xOJO fEEDBACK. We have no Windows Licenses anymore. Why? Because we are producing Software and embedded Software for Linux, Mac and Linux on Raspberry PI and - really seldom - for Windows.


Feeback System after install under 18.4 Ubuntu. That’s all folks


:point_up_2:t2: This is why people keep asking for a FB report system web based, using browsers.


Web 2.0 should be used to build it as a showcase of what you can do with Web 2.0
I thought that was in the works at one time ?


They ment the 2020R2 or R3 until it is aduld and you can work with


Maybe it is a frozen project, as they are now busy trying to make Eddie’s Electronics example to work.