Web App language problem

Feedback Case 58058: Web Language doesn’t adapt to Browser user languasge anymore.

This feedback case was marked for fixed in 2020r1 and closed.

Since the migration to 2020r1 is major and does involve large rewrites of current web projects, I think these kind of bugs in the Web 1.0 framework should be addressed in a separate 2019r3.x release.


I was hoping for a Xojo view on this matter.

I understand that working on an older version of Xojo is not very appealing for you guys. However browser language adaption is very important functionality for international operating customers and migrating a large web project to 2020r1 is not a quick fix.

Are hotfixes for 2019r3 possible and could this be considered for this feedback case?

Given that r3.x is our fallback for a number of reasons, can we please get Xojo to confirm if they can fix this fundamental bug ?

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