Xojo web 2020r1 problems

I’m afraid for that as well. We’re screwed…

I’ve just started to have a look at 2020r1 with a new web project, trying to rebuild some of the basic functionality that we’ve created in 2016rX-2019r32. I’m pretty much shocked…

We’re using a WebDialog for login purposes. Previously, web dialogs were displayed in the middle of my screen. Now at the top. No control over this.

WebDialogs (and WebPages) do not have any KeyPressed event. Previously on entering a password, when pressing enter the login was initiated automatically by this event. Now I need to use the mouse to press the login button.

And these are just two small examples I ran into the first half an hour of playing with 2020r1 and only with the first dialog that is displayed in our web application. Our main Web app uses 6 webpages, 20 dialogs and countless container controls. With 2020r1 in its current state, I’m sure migrating this is just not possible without losing functionality.

This sucks big time!


Yes but you need to have time to wait. There will be an event system. Cause everybody was using this functionalities. I will hope that they will find a way and a solution to bring this functionality back cause otherwise there will not be a converting, there will be a rewriting like to write with another language. I guess nobody wants to bring it to this point. So I hope that we will get to a 2020R2 wich will have what we need and that’s it. Why they should not do it. And yes, many peope are stressed because of this. Me too.


The default (OK) button should react when you press enter. The Cancel button should react when you press ESC.


Yup, looks awful, and the sad part is that bootstrap has the positioning functionality built in, it was just a Xojo desicion not to expose it.

“should” :neutral_face:

Correct. That’s built-in now.

You can control this by choosing another Bootstrap theme or by creating one of your own. In the default theme they are centered on the desktop, just on mobile for some reason.

I have noticed this trend for years coming. Honestly Xojo should be a community driven open source project helped with donations. It makes more sense.


And how would you compensate the people who own it, work their, depend on it for their lively hood and their pensions etc???

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It’s a business. I think they must have some kind of hybrid vision. A closed core, and most of the “other stuffs” extendable or exchangeable by loadable modules. Those modules should be open and people could clone them, enhance, use, and even propose such changes to Xojo to include into their product. For example, the PDF object needs enhancements, the community MAYBE could contribute to its evolution. The Report Designer, the community also could contribute. Xojo lacks the generation of DLLs (shared objects in Unix like systems). I hope they can able to get it when they reach the plans of “Plugins made in Xojo”.

If xojo will die we will have all nothing in our hands because they will close the book and the sources of xojo are gone. That’s what will be happened than. So xojo has to stay alive otherwise everybody will loose his invests. Who wants to pay for a core xojo 700 Bucks a year? Nobody<. So this will not be the Solution for xojo Future. Open Source you can do if you have enough Money to develop further. Or if you beleave in donatings from users. Or if you have a broad user base wich is supporting. But in trues, the minority spendss money for open Source Software. So, for making xojo open source there would have be a change in the entire paradigm. How shall a company do it without a completely new business modell? Cases I now where following all the same way: closed source or open source. The mixture is not helping while never and in no cases fullfilling the GPL standards. On the other side their may be also components wich are bught from other companies as closed source where they have to pay for. How will that be handled? I can not see any chance for this.


If it does more than what we get today, everyone.

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there is a guy scattering HoooHoooHoooo every year in winter time. Ask him for, he wears a red jacket and has a white Beard.

Can you please give us some valid argument?

You know, companies like Microsoft, Google, Embarcadero, etc does it. If it works for them, could work for Xojo.

for a big company,but xojo? it’s a small business

We’re done here.

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