Windows 11 Testing

I just figured out how to test Windows 11 in a VM on macOS:

  • Grab the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview (21354) and install it in Parallels 16 or later
  • Sign up for Windows Insider builds here: Windows Insider (requires a microsoft account but is otherwise free)
  • Install the Windows 10VM
  • Inside Windows 10, go to Settings / Update / Windows Insider Program and turn on the Dev channel.
  • Press the Check Updates buttons a few times
  • Windows 11 will (eventually) install.

My 64 bit Xojo app built with Xojo 2019R1.1 works pretty well, but I noticed some cosmetic issues:

  1. PagePanels set to Transparent do not draw their background, leaving a black rectangle with ghosts of the prior controls, when you switch panels. The fix is just to turn off Transparency.
  2. Label controls on a Tab Panel have the wrong background color. I’ve not found a way to fix this one yet. Here’s a screenshot:

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That’s definitely an issue for many of my apps.

I don’t see this problem on PagePanels (as long as they have transparent=false). So one workaround is to rip out the TabPanel and replace with a PagePanel, and then add either a ButtonBar or a SegmentedControl to control the PagePanel.

Here’s an example using a Segmented Control:

I don’t love the look, but it does feel a bit more “modern”, and the Label controls have the right background color at least.

Well, Xojo gave up with transparency and recomended NEVER to use it on windows in 2018 so… It should not be a problem.

:relieved: I never liked the way Tabs looks on Xojo, and that workaround is what I allways do.

Windows 11 Ready! :upside_down_face:

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Submitted as <> with demo project and PNGs showing the differences.

Just for anyone else who stumbles across this, you don’t actually need Parallels 16. I’ve got the Windows 11 preview running well with Parallels 13 on an old MacBook Pro Mid-2012 13" (which supposedly won’t be officially supported in the final public release, since I think it only has a 3rd-gen Core i7.)

Once you’ve got Windows 11 installed, you’ll now want to switch back to the Beta channel. The Dev channel of Windows 11 Insiders is moving on to test experimental features that won’t be in the public releases this year. The Beta channel is the one that will be testing the public Windows 11 release for this year.

Just saying I also see the issues with Labels and Tabs on Windows 11 running on real hardware (no VM but with latest MS Surface Laptop 4)
I would like to add the scrolling the Listbox is jerky to say the least. Very poor performance.I only see this with Xojo compiled apps.

Has anyone had any success making label controls look good on a Windows 11 TabPanel yet? The 5 October release date is getting closer, so I hope that this doesn’t depend on the next Xojo major release for a fix…

I’m just a little bit concerned because I haven’t had the chance to check. Could someone privately message me a screenshot of Lifeboat running on Windows 11?

I can run it on Windows 11 if you got link for me

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FWIW, it’s now possible to download a Windows 11 ISO and create a Parallels VM directly from it, without having to create a Windows 10 VM first: that’s how I set up a test VM today.

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Can you share a link to the download page please? Thanks

Sent you some screenshots

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It says “Windows 10” in the title but Windows 11 is available on this page, too.

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Xojo’s TabPanel isnt loooking good on any windows. why don’t you try pagepanels with buttons?

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The biggest issue are Labels (there are others issues but this is most definitely the most obvious) They look aweful. This needs a fix asap.

The pictures I sent to Tim for his Liveboat app did not seem to have any label issues. Is there special scenario where labels have issue ?

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See screenshot how it is displayed on Windows 11
Note: the Seperator has the same issue as the Label. The transparency is the issue, I guess.