XOJO Tabpanal background is wrongly calculated on Windows 11

Dear XOJO team,

unfortunately, we are experiences some small issues (not functional) on Windows 11. Basically, nested controls in the tab panal have a “wrong colored background”.

You see I underlined all controls (mainly labels and canvases) which have a white background instead a “the normal appropriate” background color of the window.

I attached a small XOJO binary example project to understate the problem making it easy for you to recapitulate.

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Hi Dirk,

I believe Xojo are going to start working on this issue when Microsoft finalize WinUI 3.0 later this year.

Have a read of the xojo blog post about windows 11 here

Also, I could be mistaken, but I don’t think the latest xojo release (2021 r.2) is fully compatible with Windows 11?

I hope this helps


See Windows 11 Testing - #7 by Mike_D

One workaround is to use a Segmented Control which controls a PagePanel, instead of a TabPanel.

Hello Robin,
thanks for your answer.

Technically, I saw some small isues on Windows 11, however, it builds fine. So if you don’t need to program GUI heavy with the editor but rather backend-code, it seems to work without any issue.

I our issue here is very minor and we can wait for WinUI 3.0 to finish and XOJOs team to take care. I just wanted to document the issue here for the XOJO team.


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