Xojo Web Bug Bash 2022

During August we’ll be focusing (even more!) in fixing bugs.

What’s the smallest web framework issue (not feature request) you want to share and nominate, so that others can upvote?

Paste here your favourite issue link! Just one. Your biggest nominated priority (even if you can nominate up to 10)

Have a bug-free summer! :sunny::green_heart:


Hi Ricardo

  1. Pindrop on web map viewer is not working
  2. Scrolling of Xojo’s Web 2.0 Web App is not working properly in Xojo android.
    ( Issue 68759)

Hi Ricardo,
this bug (Issue#69401 CustomCellAction event fails to identify correct weblistbox row ) unfortunately makes all the interesting things you can do with custom cell renderers in a weblistbox, like in your Blog Part I & II examples, unusable.

Please paste the link to the Issue case, so everyone can upvote the cases they’re interested in :pray:t2:




I saw that one during the weekend @Andreas_Reichmann. It wasn’t even nominated for Bug Bash yet, but it was a regression anyway.

It’s fixed now, sorry about that :pray:


@Hanif_Saad I’ve just found the WebMapLocation issue: #61706

Thank you.

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Thank you @Ricardo_Cruz !

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Communication to sessions is unreliable

Using the example “Reconnecting to a WebSessions” from 2022r2 examples doesn’t always work. Also, the line Var context As New WebSessionContext(messages(0).Right.StringValue) in the Timer_Action method in app is commented out. The app doesn’t work at all until this is added back in. Sometimes the message box doesnt appear in the session. If you open multiple tabs in the same browser or refresh a tab it breaks it and you can never send another message to those sessions. Only way to get it working is to stop the project or wait for the sessions to timeout. Communicating to sessions needs to be fixed. Especially sessions over multiple tabs. Also, trying to send a message from one session to another doesn’t work unless you separate the session from the method…eg Adding a message to a queue and getting a timer to send the message. It would be great to be able to call methods and have them separate from the current stack chain and/or current context


Weblabel ellipsis are not working


Usage of a LOT of Styles Like web 1.0 instead of the bootstrap classes


Technically not a bug but xojo web apps could save a lot of time loading and bandwidth in the server if they used the current standard compression method



WebCanvas: DrawPicture does not draw picture object


@Ivan_Tellez please notice only bugs will be considered for this event. In any case, which one of the three would you choose as your top priority?

@Alain_Clausen you can add a [BugBash2022Nominee] comment on that ticket to nominate it, even if isn’t yours. That way it can be part of the Bug Bash :slight_smile:

Once the major bugs are squashed, i really hope XOJO will look into this. Web 2.0 looks getting better.


I’m looking forward also to dive into performance improvements :slight_smile:


Containers fire shown event at random times → 66855


WebSegmentButton.Enable=False not working
WebSegmentButton.Enable=False not working (#66943) · Issues · Xojo Inc / Xojo · GitLab

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