Xojo Web Bug Bash 2024

Bug happens! :lady_beetle:

Upvoting is still the best way to show your interest, as we try to prioritize those bugs that are affecting a big portion of our users. We also fix bugs that we think are very important for everyone or bugs our MVPs brought to our attention, no matter how many upvotes it has.

Please also note that, in every release cycle, we already dedicate time to smash bugs, despite the upvote amount, or even if we don’t announce (2024r2 will come with 100+ bug fixes, as you can see in Issues)

All that said… what happens when there is a little annoyance that seems to be affecting only to you, and is going under Xojo’s radar? If you’ve upvoted 50 bugs, we have no way to know which one is your biggest priority.

With the second release of the year already around the corner, it is the perfect time to start another Bug Bash thread for 2024r3 in the Web target, like we’ve did in 2022:

Some rules

  • This is a Web target event
  • You can only have ONE open issue nominated, so everyone can have a bug fixed (if you paste more than one link, only the first one will participate)
  • You don’t need to be the author of the bug report. Nominate a bug from somebody else, if you prefer
  • While features will be considered, the priority will be fixing bugs
  • If your nominated bug gets fixed, you can return here and nominate another one

The smaller the bug, the better. For example, in 2022 we had to reject the nomination of this bug, because we estimated the fix would take the whole bug bash event.

In short, if you could point one (and only one) Web bug, with a magic wand, to get it fixed in 2024r3… which one would you choose?

How to nominate your issue

Go to Issues, filter by Label=Bug and Label=Web, then paste the link of one of them in this forum thread.

Thank you for your help and for being part of this community! :green_heart:


WebListBox.SetFocus from a WebSearchField is not working


Maybe a little one, but could make Date Picker usable on a popover:

The date picker doesn’t work in popover for web


WebMessageDialog doesn’t get released from Memory


Opening Event is not raised for WebSDKUIControl Added at Runtime with AddControl


WebListbox ColumnWidths doesn’t work with relative lengths


This bug Ricardo : WebView.Overflowed event isn’t firing



Web: Replace WebHTMLViewer.LoadHTML with WebHTMLViewer.LoadPage to be consistent over all Targets


I would like a Web Feature Bash 2024 …
(and also a Desktop one …)

Nominate a Feature if that’s your biggest need, I’ll do my best.

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This bug is over 10 YEARS old: https://tracker.xojo.com/xojoinc/xojo/-/issues/71193 .

That’s a macOS target bug :slightly_frowning_face:, this is a Web event.

@Ricardo_Cruz We need your energy and enthusiasm for macOS! :smile: It’s impressive.


#31209: Please show sessions in debugger

This is my biggest bug/pet peeve and it would be great if sessions could be exposed within the debugger.

@Ricardo_Cruz Kudos to you for going down this road and making the Web Bug Bash 2024 happen. If the above request is too big of an ask, let me know and I’ll readjust to something smaller (e.g. as to not “waste” my vote).


Here is my vote. WebCanvas to allow text wrapping. Right now, with the 4th parameter included, it just scrunches the text and does not wrap as expected. I saw 2024 r2 was released today. Maybe this was already fixed, but I didn’t see it on the release notes, nor tested it yet


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On https://tracker.xojo.com/, is there any way for us to look and see which items have been voted up?

Do you mean the nominated cases? I think you can see the list in the first post, in the popular links section, here is a screenshot:

But here is the only place to nominate them anyway. You can see the links in this thread.


The processing message is not shown on a weblistbox



I vote for this feature, it sure would make my apps look more modern:
#74270 - Add Bootstrap form-floating option to WebTextFields


Edit: if you like this, please consider ‘thumbs up’ the Issue


Add rotation methods to WebMapViewer: https://tracker.xojo.com/xojoinc/xojo/-/issues/74650

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