Xojo Web Bug Bash 2022

WebSegmentedButton - Pressed event fired only once
WebSegmentedButton - Pressed event fired only once (#62176) · Issues · Xojo Inc / Xojo · GitLab

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Would be great to get the WebPagination component into a usable state by fixing these two bugs:


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Those 2 are not nominated yet for the Bug Bash. Do you have any more nominations left? You just need to add a comment with the text [BugBash2022Nominee]

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Thank you @AlbertoD for the reminder, it is done now. :+1:


Hi @Ricardo_Cruz , a small question. With yesterday’s fix (#65196) 3 more cases named for the [BugBash2022Nominee] were closed (but not yet tagged). Can my votes on those 3 cases be reassigned since they were caused by the same problem or not?

My guess is that you can remove the nomination (because it was a duplicate case) and assign each one to another case.

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I think Alberto is right. Let me double check it anyway.


Yes @Attilio_Punzi, no need to remove anything. In this case you can nominate a few more as your tickets didn’t even saw the bug bash label.


Each time I try to give web 2 a chance, I got lots of silly bugs that should not be there in a tool :expressionless:

Another for the collection.


This is really BASIC user interaction and is not working as expected :expressionless:


Thanks for opening the cases @Ivan_Tellez :ok_hand:

Working on web 2 still feels like a beta :expressionless:


Please bring back autosave!
And this one is very annoying:

Just a couple hours moking up something simple and bugs keep poping out.

BUG WebTooltips are not removed when the parent control does

BUG in WebControl, The CLOSE method is suposed to do nothing?:
In web 1.0 this method does nothing so, maybe the docs are right?


@Ricardo_Cruz, can you confirm how to create a Control Set in Web 2.0? Documentation also states there: “if the control is part of a Control Set…”

Edit: Same thing on WebUIControl…

That’s a documentation bug, there are no control sets. Thanks for pointing it out.

You can create and remove controls at runtime, calling AddControl on web views (WebPage, WebContainer, WebDialog, WebRectangle, …).

Calling Close will definitely remove the control from the view.

@Ulrich_Bogun the way to nominate cases is adding [BugBash2022Nominee] as a comment in the issue.

BUG Websearchfield loses text when placed on a container and the command Container.Visible=true is executed

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is there any tutorial on how to add them and manage their events? Is there a way to have a single event handler for many controls like when a Control Set was used on web 1?

While this is a Desktop article, it’s pretty much the same in Web projects:

Using AddHandler you can forward the events of several controls into a single method.