XOJO Performance (From a newbie point of view)

Ohh… XOJO IDE is super slow. That’s normal…


how about creating a build in ide benchmark to compare this with others?
it could also contain other useful system information.


How would that work? What kind of benchmarks? In my case the IDE is not having slow downs while building or building slow applications.

The ide is the issue. the more my app grows the slower it gets. It was bearable a week ago but little by little is getting slower by the moment as my windows get more controls (average 6 controls per window x 15 windows) I notice it more on the left bar when clicking a control or window. It was taking 2 - 3 seconds, now it is taking 3- 4 seconds to open a selected window once selected.

I am no seeing much delay on selecting a control from the right bar (around 1-2 secs) Yes its not as snappy as my other programs i use but u can see the difference.

Maybe i am being too picky? I read other post saying the same thing here but then i also read some responses saying the app runs fast on their computer (would love to see videos of that with a mid to large app in the ide).

I am comparing XoJo with the performance of Xcode and some graphic programs. Is this comparison fair? I am scratching my head here since even xojo uses xojo to build xojo…and they say no noticeable slow downs.

I am doing my own debugging and setting the xojo ide in my mac with no other applications besides the ones that come by default, no dark theme, hard drive 200 GB free space, 16 GB memory and using big sur (latest). Hard drive has been wiped off and no data (from before)…spanking clean! No time machine. Using Latest xojo ide…still not responding as fast as xcode or default apps. Will try some other stuff and will let u know if time permits.

No your comparison is not fair
Have Xcode compile for Windows and Linux

exact what i meant was a benchmark for the ide because its slow for some reason at your pc.

I’m running Xojo 2020r2.1 on a 2018 MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM running Mojave and a 500GB SSD (does your PC have a SSD?). Xojo is using 3.5GB of memory, second only to Photoshop. I just played around with my largest program, which has a compiled MacOS app size of 32MB. This program is pretty huge, with over 20 windows and god knows how many controls. Randomly clicking on windows and methods in the Navigator (what I think you are calling “the left bar”) consistently takes about 1 second every time before the selected item is displayed. Once in a while maybe 1-2 seconds max. It’s not instantaneous, as we’d like, but it’s a pretty minor annoyance imo.

Far more annoying for me is the delay when using the Variables popup in the debugger while breakpointed. There I’m seeing very frequent beachballing for several seconds, and it’s maddening. Xojo did not do this until recently I think.

That is just one function of the IDE. U can still compare application performance (usage of ui) with xcode.

I was talking more about story boards vs windows and selection of controls, code files, images, source code and u basic usage of ide.

It is basic functionality like clicking, moving, selecting or typing that we developers do about 90% that is slow (excluding typing so far). Xcode is still faster (with the same amount of windows on the story board).

I have yet to tested in VS for mac with Xamarin (which u can say is kind of heavy duty).

I am not trying to put down Xojo, it would not make sense. I bought a license for a reason. What i am stating is what is happening to me and others (search posts). Obviously, if it was one second delay i would not be bringing this up.

So to answer my own question…yep i believe my comparisons are fair. Thanks for the input sir. It made me go back and compared other functionality. I am still testing other things about this issue as time permits.

Got it! But it is not just me, other people also has mentioned it. :blush:

Thank u Julia. Yes it started like that, 1-2 sec which i said it was bearable. Now as my program grows it is taking 3-4 seconds on selecting the windows with a lot of controls, around 30.

One thing i did not mention is the my code is saved as “text” for source control (git) saving. Dont know if that has anything to do with it.

Will try to save my code in binary format and see what happens. My mac is 2017 with the same specs. Yes i do have ssd internal and external. Right now my external is not connected as i am trying to see if the app behaves differently with a fresh new os install.

And yes i have mentioned the debugging issues on a prior post but i do not get the often. U r the second person that mentions the beach ball. I would be the third for debugging issues.

Are your controls too close together? If they overlap (might not look like it, but check when the focus ring is active) you might get redraw cascades that would slow the IDE down.

My controls in one window r 3 listboxes, 10 buttons, 1 textarea, 30 labels, 3 searchfields, 3 canvas, 1 tab control with 5 tabs. This is the window that takes the most time to load after the initial selection. I wish i can post photos or video but this is a private app i can not share yet. :pensive:

I believe i am providing good details about my issues that photos and picture become secondary.

And no Markus, not all the controls are very close together. Thanks for ur response.

No. Screenshots are always important.


i add your list of controls to a window (at ms win 10 pc) and what i saw first is that the
redraw of the listboxes is visual delayed if they have 10 columns and grid lines.
could be a issue at mac os too? Xojo 2020r2.1

@C_P What are your system specs, at what screen resolution/scaling and how many displays (monitors) are active?

If you really want some help, we need your app to find out what your problem is. It might not happen on other computers, I guess. in an event driven environment there are so many things who can go wrong, that’s why I think you should provide your app to get some help, otherwise it is only guesswork we can provide !!!
And because you are a newbie as you said, many things can go wrong without knowing … you want some help ?

That only affects Windows. The OP is using macOS. On macOS, overlapping controls has no slow down etc…

I would call this project a very very small project. So it should be snappy (<1 sec) when clicking stuff. You may try removing controls, one by one, until you see improvements. Maybe a certain control is the culprit?

My biggest project has several windows with more than 500 controls and selecting that window takes up to 5 seconds before it is even shown in the UI. But ones it has been shown in the editor, clicking controls is fast enough - read <2secs (not snappy though).

In all the years using Xojo, my experience is telling me Xojo is slow in general. I must add that things improved in the last couple of years though. In the past, there were versions that were so slow, it was unusable.
Anyhow, the slow Xojo IDE is something you will need to accept, as I did. I have little hope it will be faster in the future, unless they recode it in Xcode (which will never happen).

BTW I also use Xcode and that works very fast/snappy compared to Xojo - you never will get that performance with Xojo, I guess.


Understand your reply BUT Xojo is not XCode nor VS
If you are seeing such a slowness something is wrong

I’m not saying you are not seeing slowness just wondering what could be wrong for you


2017 mac with 16 Gb memory, 200 Gb free ssd space, i7, 1 display, big sur (latest) , xojo 2020 2.1.

From time to time, some of my customers report my Windows version app runs really slowly.

Two customers reported that setting ‘compatibility mode’ to Windows 8 improves matters a great deal.
Want to try that and see if anything changes?