XOJO Performance (From a newbie point of view)

One thing I’d like to point out that I haven’t seen mentioned here is that the Xojo IDE is written using the Xojo IDE, so we’re keenly aware when speed issues occur. I even posted a recommendation last week about Time Machine, which come to think of it, may apply to all external drives.

That said, I personally have not seen a slowdown as serious as you describe in a very long time. That’s why I asked for a screencast. It may give us a clue about what’s going on. It may also be helpful to have activity monitor running so we can see how much cpu is being consumed and by what.


Thanks for ur reply. At this point like i said, i am not using TimeMachine for my backups or any other backup systems.

Before i bought Xojo, i had just restored my mac so it was clean from the start. The sluggishness/slowness happens when using the app (ide) for a bit or sometimes from the start if i had the ide open for awhile.

My issues right now are: selecting items from the left menu can take up to 3 seconds (not all the time), trying to select textareas most times do not work if i click on them. I have to select them from the left menu otherwise i may get a white screen if i try to select them by clicking on them.

The Debugger seems to crash a bit. Today it crashed about 5 times because of an issue with my sql syntax. My expectation is for the app (ide) to stop at the issue but not crash.

Little thing like that are happening to me. Please remember i am new to Xojo. Maybe this is the way the ide works.

My most intensive program i use on my mac is Blender, i only see slowness on my rendering (when at super high quality) so maybe Xojo is as intensive as Blender.

I dont know. I am comparing Xojo’s performance with that of Xcode, Webstorm, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, CLion and other ides. Again thank u for ur responses, i will get more familiar with the ide and see what happens.

there are so many reasons you need to exclude.
updates running or continuation of updates.
anti virus block usability (as example norton)
concurrent harddisk access, or file in cloud or network
not enough bandwidth at network
other app use more cpu than you want. (should be rare)
invalid runtime or wrong version because others overwrite it.
the product (version) itself if it behave permanent identical.
also system or app settings can cause different trouble.
the file/project got broken internally.

Restoring a Mac doesn’t mean it’s “clean”. You imported all the old cruft again.


I have experienced such behaviour few months ago… the solutions was to repair the disk; apparently there was a disk error which OS tried to handle and slowed everything down in the process…

Does hiding the Xojo toolbar improve the selection performance?

While I can’t tell you what the problem is, I can tell you that Xojo doesn’t behave like this for me. Code esiting can get slow after the IDE has been running for a days (if macOS don’t need reatarting first). Or if it gets slow when I have multiple projects open that are using shared objects and I have that object open in both projects.

Until last year; I was using Xojo on 2012 i7 MBP, and still didn’t see issues like what you are describing.

Btw: I believe you, just saying that this is NOT normal behaviour. I don’t know why either, sorry.


Occasionally if while debugging the app is going to go back to the IDE because of a breakpoint or an exception, I see the beachball for many (20 or so) seconds before the IDE takes over again. I had one of these this morning. However, when I did the same thing again, the IDE showed the exception straight away.

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Please do as Greg asked - record a screen capture while showing activity monitor so they can see what is happening. Without this people are going to struggle to help you.


Thanks for your reply. Restoring a mac in my case does mean CLEAN. :nerd_face:. I know I do not have to explain but I will do it just for giggles.

I go to my mac and select the “restore” option. I then select the disk tool and wipe off my drive to remove all apps settings, configs, any extra files created by the system as I used the computer and all data. Then I restore the operating system.

See, not everyone keeps all of their “cruft” in their actual computer. There is external drives, and you do not have to have it connected if using Xojo.

As we can see the computer is respectively CLEAN of anything that can affect or hinder Xojo from working the way it supposed to.

Again, thank you for your response Beatrix.

Definitely, I will do that as soon as I get time. Also, I see some other post that have explained and sent video and data (I believe) of the same issues I am facing. I have posted the link here, u guys can look it up.

CP - Sometimes you get a white screen because of the dark/light options. When the screen is white, try clicking on the toolbar item shown with the pink arrow. May help, may not.

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I see this too. I’ve discovered (in my case, anyway) that the only problem is about when the IDE tries to come to the front (in other words, if I manually click with the mouse on the IDE to bring it forward (rather than waiting for that), the rest is almost instant; it’s the step to come to front which is hanging, even if I don’t understand the sense it makes).

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How long is your working session ?

Can take from 3 hour to maybe 5 hours a day.

Another theory have to be find.

When you have performance issues with any app, you should look at:

  • Activity Monitor (this has already been suggested several times)
  • Console (look at the log activity on your system, error messages, etc.)
  • RAM (install Memory Diag to see how much memory you actually have available)
  • check the disk health, repair it (also already suggested)

Like you, I have 16GB RAM. Maybe you’re not aware that macOS has horrible memory management. Low available RAM (I’m talking when only MB are available) will definitely stall Xojo. You can check how much RAM you actually have available using the app called Memory Diag, and with that app you can click the mouse and free up RAM which does speed up performance. Sometimes system activities going on in the background can muck things up, and these are visible in Console. If you look at Console you will probably be horrified by the messages, a huge number of which are now to do with advertising since Apple has now built ads into their OS, and mac apps are constantly phoning home.

Thank u Aaron, ur checklist is good and definitely i have look into this. All my apps frm Xcode, Webstorm, CLion, Visual Studio and my graphics apps work fine. It is only Xojo that takes about 2 to 3 seconds to select anything on the left menu (windows, menus, classes), makes white screen when selecting text areas and debugger crashes (crashes r not happening daily neither the white screens.) when issues instead of stopping and point me to the bug. I have already mention the items above multiple times plus i pasted a link where a user is basically saying the same. Its ok, so far is bearable.

Just a thought, why would all my apps function smooth (even Blender without rendering) yet Xojo acts sluggish (bearable)?

It should not be a ritual to run one app, do we all agree? I would love to help more and spent time on this but i have a business to run and work on.

Thank u all for ur inputs. We can call this one closed. :relaxed:

Doesn’t sound like a closed case to me, since it’s not working for you. The problem doesn’t happen for me, or it seems for the other 99% of Xojo users, so it’s definitely not normal, apparently something to do with your system, unfortunately. Reinstall, reboot, etc.; it could be something very simple. If you’ve coded and distributed apps already, then you must know that every once in a while something like this comes up, the app you wrote doesn’t work properly on someone’s system, and nothing seems to explain why. Xojo is an app like any other, and is not immune to that. The ecosystem is constantly changing and no release is ever perfect. Unlike other companies though, if problems arise, Xojo will take the time to work with you to try to find solutions. This community of users is also uniquely helpful in that way. It sounds like you have given up, but I hope your problem gets solved, because not just the tool, but this whole virtual development environment - that together makes Xojo what it is - is worth it.

You certainly tested that one too, but in case not…

Did you try to run Xojo only after a cold boot ?
(cold boot: shut down your computer, wait some times - 1 or 2 minutes - then Power On).

Is it still slow ?