XOJO Performance (From a newbie point of view)


First thanks to everyone responding to my questions. I am barely getting familiarized with xojo. I am currently building a small app with SQLite db. My application i believe is not heavy. In fact, i am just starting with 2 screens on my app to read and write to a db.

I have noticed something while using xojo. I have a textarea control and when i selected the xojo ide goes crazy and the window design pane goes white. Also there is a lot of window ghosting happening when adding methods or properties.

And last thing the app runs a bit slow when trying to select controls, widows, methods and so on. Is this normal behavior? My mac is running at 16 GB memory and I have about 200 GB left of space. My processor is intel icore 7. Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Doesn’t sound normal to me. What version of OS are you running? What version of Xojo? Do these happen with a fresh project? Have you tried creating a test user on your Mac and running Xojo there?

Add a new User to your Mac, and try from there.

What happens when you open and run an example ?

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check also the Activity Monitor and that app updates are finished (complete)

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Ok, still slow… and when I say slow, I am talking about the IDE… takes seconds to just select a control in a window. I also followed the tips on this thread: Why is XOJO so slow?. It looks like Xojo is having some issues with the ide but maybe not enough info from user to fix it? My built apps run normal… it is just the IDE that takes 4 seconds (these numbers are not too off Why is XOJO so slow? - #34 by jim_mckay) to select something, some of my textarea controls make my ide go white and starts becoming sluggish. While working on my project I had to quit the app 3 times within 10 minutes to “refresh”. I have no plugins. The bigger the app gets with only XOJO controls the slower it gets… just like it says here in this post from 2019: Why is XOJO so slow?. It does make development on Xojo a bit hard.

Thanks for your responses.

Latest Big Sur, XOJO 2020 2.1

Darkmode, if so then try light-mode ?

my impression is that xojo staff do not care this issues and somehow ignore.
99.9% of all apps run well.
at least saying do not use darkmode or use software rendering is not a solution.

Try disabling TimeMachine. This can slow down Xojo - a lot.

Where is located your project ? In the web somewhere or in your local SSD ?

What is the size of yur project file (including images) ?

Yu do not repond to my question regarding the use of an example / a new User in your computer.

Can you boot on another (external) SSD ?

PS: sending the fault to others is not fair. I never experiment those slowliness WITH Xojo.

To get max speed, I do:
a. Keep 100GB of free Boot HD Space,
b. Set Internet Off,
c. Not fire any internet browser,
d. Avoid to fire more than three or four applications at the same time,

Else: I even get unexpected reboots ! (with or without Xojo running), 10 seconds delay between the error and the beep (for example).
I stopped booting on my internal El Capitan SSD because it is hot as hell (since some months for unknow reason).

Did you tested the speed of your boot disk ?
(Sometimes, I get less than 10MBs for R and W, with the fan crying out loug (did I say LOUD ?).

I forget to tell about High Sierra with its latest security update (I installed it yesterday):
the result is slow, very slow and my hands are not cold.

If you hide the Xojo toolbar you should find that selecting controls on a window, selecting menus in the menu editor and selecting items in the navigator is much more responsive.

The problem seems to be that all of these tasks go through some common IDE code which manipulates the toolbar inefficiently. Hiding the toolbar removes some of those inefficiencies.

It is sad to say but Xojo is relatively low quality these days. There are lots of serious (some show stopper) performance issues in the IDE, usability issues in the IDE, bugs in the IDE, bugs in the debugger and bugs in the framework. It didn’t used to be this way but each release seems to bring its own set of issues which have a high chance of never been fixed.
Unfortunately, Xojo Inc. seem to have their heads buried firmly in the sand with regard to how much it effects us.

Try doing a repair first…

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Could you make a screencast?

Second checking Activity monitor for two reasons.

  1. Is there another process running that’s sucking up CPU.
  2. Check the activity monitor when Xojo runs slowly, is it consuming a lot of CPU, or something else?
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For what it’s worth, on my 8 years old iMac under Mojave the IDE performs quite sprightly; selection of windows or controls is nearly instantaneous. That’s in light mode though; whenever I temporarily switch to dark mode for testing (personally I hate dark mode) the IDE does slow down indeed. But as I work in light mode it doesn’t bother me.

Which security update was it? The latest security updates are nightmares… The 2020-004 (for High Sierra) security update bricked my Mac - the installation stalled somewhere in the middle, stopped completely and then it was not possible to boot the Mac. It took me almost two days to get the Mac working - I had to install the update finally (some files were already changed with the unsuccessful update) then to manually replace some system files from the Time Machine. I did not want to use the Time Machine backup - as far as I had experience with the Time Machine and High Sierra - the backup of the OS is not reliable, the backup of other files is ok.

Hi Emile,

Thank you for taking the time to respond sir. I am new to Xojo, please Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to fault others, what would be the point?.. It is a fact that the ide runs slow for me and also for others (as I find other posts in the forum). I should not be needing to follow a ritual to make my app run not slow. All other apps in my mac run fine. Without switching accounts, not opening other apps or checking my SSD.

Again, Thanks for your help, i am not trying to make a big fuzz for the sake of making one. I like the idea of Xojo and for us to be exposing any issue that would help the software get better is not a bad thing but a good one. The better the software gets the more users it gets.

I am not…
Using TimeMachine, loading any plugins, or having thousands of windows.

I do…
Have 16 GB of memory, 180 GB of space, running Big Sur (latest), have dark mode on, running on iCore 7 Quad 2.8 Ghz, using Xojo 2020 2.1 and using SQLite on my project.

Hello, C P. I am an amateur programmer who started using Xojo when it was RealBasic about 10 years ago. There have been times when the IDE was slow; at one point scrolling down through the methods and controls on the left pane of the window was excruciatingly slow. But more recent updates seem to have cured that.

My main program is 16.6 mb source; compiled for Universal code it is 26.2 mb. I have 20 windows in the program, and windows can have up to 48 controls in each. I run Time Machine and am in dark mode. My iMac is a five year-old I-7 at 4.0 GHz. I have lots and lots of free disk space - Terabytes of it; my main SSD is a Fusion Drive; I have 2.8 tB available out of 3.2 tB on the drive.

I do not experience any unusual slowness in the IDE - it isn’t “quick” but selecting a label or Text Field takes no more than one second. I have not hidden the tool bars or done anything else to speed it up. I have Applescripts embedded in the program.

The point is that with all that I do not have an IDE problem, so perhaps your issue relates to the configuration of the Mac itself. I’m by no means an expert, but reinstalling XOJO might be a first step; uninstall XOJO and any files that belong to it first. Even a Mac OS system reinstall may be needed. Check how much RAM you have (I run with 32 gB), and how much free space you have on the boot drive.

If you compile your program, how long does compilation take? Mine is about 10 to 15 seconds for Universal Binary. Not fast, but acceptable.

Someone suggested setting up a new user account on the Mac, downloading XOJO to it, then play with the IDE to see if there is any difference. Build one of the sample little programs from the XOJO tutorials to see if the problem exists.

There are many experts in this forum (not including me who is a ‘tinkerer’) who will help you solve your issue. Keep working on it and post specific and detailed information when you want input from the experts. They helped me immensely over the years, and they will help you.


I got that, but I think it was 5 not 4… The update crashed so many times. And some days ago, I slept and the whole update ran and boot successfully (think: do not crashed).