WebChart override options

How do you set the y min and max on a webchart?

I tried this in the overrideoptions event

options.value(“min”)= -10

Nothing changes on the graph it scales according to the data.

Any help would be appreciated.

You can use this code in the overrideoptions event:

Var injectionValue As New jsonItem
Var injectionTicks As New jsonItem
Var injectionyAxes As New jsonItem
Var injectionScales As New jsonItem

injectionValue.value("min") = -10
injectionValue.value("max") = 100
injectionValue.value("stepSize") = 10
injectionTicks.value("ticks") = injectionValue
injectionyAxes.add injectionTicks
injectionScales.value("yAxes") = injectionyAxes

options.value("scales") = injectionScales

Code based on this information:

thanks to @Jeannot_Muller

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Before looking at @Jeannot_Muller post I was trying to “make-it-work” as I usually do when I try to learn something, I was using “y” to “inject” the JSONItem with the “min” “max” values.

After reading Chartjs docs and release notes I see that a lot changed from Chartjs version 2 (don’t know exactly which version Xojo is using) and version 3.

“y” is used for Chartjs version 3
“yAxes” is used for Charjs version 2

If you want to use Xojo’s version you need to read older Chartjs documents, for example:
Chartjs docs 2.9.4

Can @Ricardo_Cruz confirm if Xojo is using Chartjs 2.9.4 or a different version?

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@Greg_O should be able to answer too :wink:

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Xojo uses Chart.js v2.9.3

You can check the version by inspecting the library after it’s loaded on the page. The version and license header is in tact.



Thanks for the information.

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