update picture in database

New on xojo, I have a big problem , I searched in the old forums without really having found a solution
I have a database, and I want to record pictures, and they are edited in canvas , everything works well.
But when I want to uptdate a picture and replace it with another one, it does not work, the recording has no been updated
i have use the string value method( field as blob) ,i dont understand what is wrong ?
Thks very much for your help
The code below to update ;

[code]rs=App.mabasecra.SQLSelect (“SELECT * FROM TB_PIC WHERE madtepic= '”+(app.verifdteedit)+"’")
if rs.RecordCount<>0 then

if can_miniphoto(2).Backdrop <> NIL then
f = SpecialFolder.Temporary.Child( "Temp_Image.jpg" )
f.SaveAsPicture can_miniphoto(1).Backdrop
if can_miniphoto(2).Backdrop <> nil then 
  If bs <> NIL then
    imageData = bs.read( bs.length )
  End if
  If f.exists then
  End if
End if

end if[/code]

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Perhaps using StringValue is be the problem? The docs say that it converts to UTF8 and for binary data you should just use Value.


Or you could use PictureValue: http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/DatabaseField.PictureValue

There is an example included with Xojo that might also be helpful for you:


I am still thinking that pictures should not be stored in the database but in a separate folder; Only the path to the picture should be stored in the database. Unless they are only small thumbnails. Some pictures like maps are huge (60 meg or more);

Thks for your answers , Paul and Jean Jacques
i m going to check the docs , i use a old version on “realbasic” so i hope is it possible to solve my problem .
in my program, pictures are not important size

Isn’t that’s why there is a Blob ?

to save the image
1- save your image to your local disk
2- read the image and convert it to encodebase64 string ()
3- save that LARGE string to the database as usual

to read the image
1- get the LARGE string from database
2- use decodebase64 to get the original image

here a few links

Thks Nicolas

I always save little pictures as HEX, SQL will do that for you using X