Quick learning resources not for beginning developers


I would need a quick start on Xojo desktop programming. I have seen there is many guides, but most of them are towards to new to programming, starting to explain basic programming concepts.
What is a good starting point for learning quickly for someone that already has many years of programming experiences with other technologies ?


i played with the examples and tutorials and care about all features of the ide.
it took me many weeks to understand xojo.
Propertys versus Computed Propertys
Methods vs Shared Methods


Hi @Antonio_Calanducci

If you have experience with other programming languages, then I think you could just jump into the User Guide plus the example projects found in the “Example Projects” folder/directory on the Xojo distribution itself, and the tons of video tutorials available in the YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/c/XojoInc/videos

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Where can I find/download the user guide ? Thanks

Hi @Antonio_Calanducci

Right here: https://documentation.xojo.com/getting_started/introduction/what_is_xojo?.html
Language Reference: https://documentation.xojo.com/Category:Language_Reference


Hi @Antonio_Calanducci.

I’m trying to do more on YouTube with Xojo. I have one playlist aimed at newcomers to programming but I’m also doing ad hoc tutorials on coding with Xojo in general aimed at people who know what they’re doing (see my Using Git with Xojo video as an example).


Do you have it as a PDF/eBook so that I can easily read on my e-reader/ipad? I saw that I can get a printable version, but I have to generate a pdf for each section of the guide.

by the way, any book on Xojo programming, expect the textbook for no-coders?

thank you @GarryPettet. The git integration is something I was interested in.

If I can give you some ideas for new videos, it will be useful and of interest to show how to build simple apps from A to Z, or trying to re-do existing apps with Xojo. By simple apps, I mean, for example, building a CRUD app, like a ToDo list, that maybe handle media attachments, or sync todo with a HTTP server/Cloud services, and have notifications, and so on… Probably this example could become a playlist, where you add feature to the app on following videos.
I use to do training on mobile app development, and in my course (that last 3 days) I build a complete app (like the one I described) that builds on previous steps. I have always received positive feedback for the approach used.

I will follow you channel. thanks

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Garry, really liked the GIT one as despite developing for too many years I never got around to using a ‘proper’ version control system as a sole developer until I watched your video that is. Now I can’t understand how I managed without it :slight_smile:

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FWIW: in the Feedback App you can sometimes find code examples of others. I mean they are usually posting these snippets because of some issues, but it helped me years ago to get into more complicated stuff, as those codings pointed me to things I haven’t used yet at that time.

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There are some books for sale with various Xojo topics in Xojo API 1 and Xojo API 2 at: Books


@Antonio_Calanducci and Eugene’s books are really good. I mentioned them already a few times on the forum. Especially the one around Office automation is priceless. It is probably very hard to get your teeth into that subject w/o Eugene’s guidance. So he did the hard work for us and is now probably teethless ;-).


I imagine xDev magazine would cover more advanced topics as well.



I sold all my old books except one - Matt Neuberg’s “REALbasic - The definitive guide (2nd ed)”.

It is like a book for Windows written for Win 3.1 but Chapter 3 and 4 are still an essential read even today. You should be able to read the first few chapters for free on Google books:

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Well, Xojo has made tons of changes to the languaje itself without real functionality improvemt. This changes have rendered almost all resources useless.

At some point some third party sites ofered Xojo traingin, but with this constant changes and the small comunity, was not worth it update the materials, for example: BKeeney and BKeeneyBriefs Are Going Away

This have the same problem, most of the previous magazine issues samples are outdated.

This tutorials are up to date, but are very basic concepts for beginers:

-New Xojo YouTube Tutorial Series

-Are you a new user to Xojo?