BKeeney and BKeeneyBriefs Are Going Away

From Bob’s announcement:

It’s a pity as the blog had LOTS of good information from an experienced developer.

Good news is that you can still find it in the Internet Archive:



(and yes, the links work)


How Much Time Have I Wasted Waiting for Xojo? | BKeeney Briefs i follow Bobs


That explains alot why there are not many of such blogs. Clearly the IDE isn’t helping, but rather slowing one down which in terms mean more cost.

I think bob did a lot of work by keeping the systems up, maybe he could provide it’s blog posts on github or something. His words do help others staying actual in development.

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Bob had alot of great knowledge and information, I remember trying to get into programming back with RealBasic and couldn’t get the grasp of it. Bob’s online material through his website or the RB forums helped tremendously! Really can’t praise him enough.


I am happy to second that.

I think I bought his online trainings 3 times (for 3 month access each time, if I remember correctly).

They were just great and one of the rare cases where I really used trainings that I bought. For all the years I have been using Xojo, BKeeneyBriefs was always my first landing page after a new release (even if had seen it already as a tester).

I mainly enjoyed them because they were, at my view, always to the point and well balanced.

His experience is one reason for me not to produce any video tutorials for Xojo. I think it is easier to adapt a written tutorial than a movie. I fully understand that Bob doesn’t have the appetite to record all his movies again from scratch, but they are missed.


On April 22 he said:

The blog was always a way to advertise our consulting services and developer products. Since I have no need for either at this point I wonder how long I’ll keep the blog active.

I guess everything has a UseBy date. In Australia they often stamp things “Best Before”. Hopefully we realise when that is… Still it’s sad because at times this bog was very useful to me.

I appreciate the kind words. I’ve always been happily surprised that people read my blog and found it useful. The blog was, in many respects, just an avenue to advertise my consulting business and some of the products. The big products have found new homes and I’m doing very little consulting these days so the blog and website just don’t mean as much.

Being a Xojo consultant for 20 years was great. I met lots of cool people and worked on lots of cool projects. However, I see many of the same problems now as I did 20 years ago. I also see huge challenges ahead for Xojo that should worry them and us. .NET Maui looks like it’s going to be a direct competitor of Xojo and MS seems to be throwing a lot of resources at the product. If they truly become a cross-platform development system for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and web apps then I don’t see why anyone chooses Xojo over Visual Studio. Just the 3rd party market alone makes VS very attractive.

Anyway, I still use Xojo every day. I like the product. I like the community (it has its days though). I’m just letting go of those things that don’t bring me pleasure any more. Maybe some day in the future I’ll get back into training videos or maybe writing. They’re both a lot of work that I don’t have time for right now. We’ll see where Xojo is in 5 years.


I searched for .NET Maui and read Xamarin on a page. I tried Xamarin a few years ago, they had a version for Windows, OSX and Linux:

  • Tried it on Widows, was buggy and crashing
  • Tried it on OSX, was buggy and crashing
  • Tried it on Linux, was buggy and crashing

That was the end for me. The project adds .Net to all non Windows platforms, is that a good idea ? IMO not sure. It’s not because Microsoft throws a lot of resources at that project that it will work.

Waiting for the next promising tool can be long.

My 5 cents.

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Watching Microsoft change flavors so many times over the last few decades I would never rely on what MS considers flavor of the month

It is a fine balancing act of what tools to use and what is considered “hot” and trending but I favor stability over anything

To this day I still utilize VBScript and many other tools MS has said were dead but they still work for my needs and most new MS Technologies are just sugar on the older technologies

Although Windows is my main target audience I will continue to use Xojo


:rofl: … Thanks for that - I needed a good laugh today … boggles the mind but I’m still chuckling … :+1: :vulcan_salute:

Chuckle away my good sir
Our views are obviously different on that matter


Real Basic, Real Studio, Xojo, THE new framewor, API 2… we’ll have soon te “new same” controls with different event names killing web to bring a halfbaked totally different thing… Wow, sounds relly stable!!!


I’m not here to trash talk Xojo, been a user since 2004
If I did not like the product I would just leave and find a product that worked for me

Do I think all Xojo upgrades are the best, no I do not BUT I’m a Xojo user for so long because I believe in the product

I know and understand you are hard on Xojo but why find every thread on the forum to bash them?
If you do not like the tool then why participate?


OK name changes, but 1 API change in over 20 years?


I think because they are long time users that loved the product very much but feel betrayed by the direction the company has taken for a number of years now.



Don’t engage with them - if you feel the product is right for you, like I do, then we will just get on with our business whilst they continue to snipe from the side lines. I thought they had another forum where they could collectively whinge though?


I can fully understand that, but as I mentioned I have been a user since 2004 and although I do not agree on every change made I’m not hating on every choice (direction) the company has made

Constructive criticism for any product is good BUT just bashing over and over is not constructive



API1 → Xojo.Framework for iOS (and was supposed to be for desktop too) → API 2 phase 1 → API 2 Phase 2 (the new controls)

Web1 → Web 2 which is essentially a totally different product with a lot of V1.0 issues with a very different philosophy.

Then there has been all the IDE changes… the RealStudio → Xojo was a very painful one… one that that got a LOT of feedback before release that it had very significant issues… and now they are working on another one finally because of that.

-karen (who has been using the product for about 20 years)

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This discussion has gotten derailed, please keep it on topic.

ok and also a user myself for almost 20 years
change in any environment is enviable

Saying any environment has not gone through changes is just plain wrong to me, heck even the C standard has had revisions made to it by the committee