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If you attempt to connect to a server running a flavor and/or version of Linux that Lifeboat does not support, the error message for this now includes what Lifeboat thinks the server is running. I believe this will help users quickly identify a problem, and if Lifeboat is confused we’ll know.


Build 109

Be ready for Spring, Lifeboat 109 now creates a logrotate schedule for the domain and web app logs configured by Lifeboat. It’s been almost three years since Lifeboat was started, it’s time to start rotating the crusty logs.

Today’s update features many other bugfixes and improvements to start off the new year. I spent the holiday making information easier to access, tightening loose ends, and improving the overall experience for many areas. I had a great holiday, I hope you did too!

Changes in Build 109

New: Server overview now includes disk usage
New: Display when cron routine intervals execute
Fixed: Lifeboat related logs now rotate properly
Fixed: Default server address now listens for SSL connections (for visitors accessing the server with an address not configured in Domains & Subdomains)
Fixed: Server install / update process no longer unsets Manual SSL configuration
Fixed: Lifeboat can now alert users and offer instructions if apt is stuck on a conflict
Fixed: Wider server detail label to make room for longer overview strings (Ubuntu with multiple CPUs on x86_64)
Fixed: Check manual certificates no longer checks certificates from every server
Fixed: Service restart limits prevent broken apps from getting stuck in a restart loop
Changed: Much more tidy with cleaning up temporary files
Changed: Improved recovery from interrupted server updates
Changed: SSL Mode indicator now less ambiguous with Manual SSL
Changed: Environment variables editor is now accessible for new deployments

Download the update:

Happy coding!


I’m always super excited about updates to Lifeboat. It’s a must have tool!


Excelente Tim, ya lo estoy descargando, muchas gracias!

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Hello Tim.

I just created a VM server to test your app, connected to it, it says it needs to install Lifeboat and it gets stuck on the progress bar somewhere on In . any idea what it could be ?

It is a Debian 11.6.0 64 Bit


It appears the libssh2 library is behaving different than it has for years. For whatever reason, it’s getting stuck when trying to upload an empty file. (For fresh installs there are a couple of config files that are empty). It never has before been a problem, and this is the second report from a Mac user in a few days.

I’ve got a plan for a fix. Would you like me to notify you when it’s ready?

yes please , you have my mail. Thanks a lot

Hello Tim.

I just created two VM server (Ionos and OVHCloud) to test your app, connected to it, it says it needs to install Lifeboat and it gets stuck on the progress bar somewhere on In . any idea what it could be ?

It are a Ubuntu 20,04 and Ubuntu 22,04


See Tim’s answer above.

Hi Everyone!

I’ve released Build 111 today that fixes the getting stuck during install problem. This update is recommended for everyone using Build 109.

I want to thank everyone for their reports and patience!

Download the update:

Best wishes,
Tim Parnell