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About Lifeboat
Lifeboat was created to help anyone that wants to write a web app deploy a web app. Automate configuration and let Lifeboat juggle port assignments, system services, and reverse proxy software for running a web app server. Lifeboat is designed to deploy both Xojo Web 1.0 and Xojo Web 2.0 standalone applications.

In addition to the Xojo Web specific tools, Lifeboat offers features to manage static websites. Install and configure SSL in one (or two) click(s) for free with LetsEncrypt integration. Serve static HTML or PHP files to offer visitors a main landing page (or more!)

Download and evaluate Lifeboat for free. For evaluation Lifeboat will configure one server, one web application, and one static files directory. A license is required to unlock these limits.

For more information about Lifeboat, please visit the website:

Download Lifeboat and try it for free on Mac or Windows 10:

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Build 54

Adds valuable Server Tools to create memory swapfiles and schedule cron jobs. Creating a swapfile can improve your server performance. Cron jobs run at regular intervals and can be used to schedule routine scripts.

New: Create and install a swapfile
New: Schedule and manage Cron jobs
New: Drag & Drop SSH keys to import
Fixed: Button locking on SSH key window
Fixed: Height of a dozen buttons on Windows are now correct
Changed: Developer license can now host multiple websites!

(I’m going to use a single thread like Einhugur does going forward)


Build 60

Install PostgreSQL! Also in this update developers can now check for and install server software updates from Lifeboat.

New: Install and manage PostgreSQL
New: Install server software updates
New: Copy remote file server paths
New: Modify remote file permissions
Fixed: Clear Caches now works on Lightsail instances
Fixed: Shows configurations with no domain assigned
Changed: Improved install process and connection failures

Download the update:


Build 64

This update improves support for the Valentina libraries. Symbolic links are no longer lost from the libs folder during upload, which supports older versions of the Valentina libraries. Additionally, this is the update with custom error pages that @Sam_Rowlands blogged about!

New: Check for server software updates at connection
New: Configure custom error pages (like 404, 500)
Fixed: Symbolic links in the Libs folder are maintained through transfer (Support for Valentina)
Fixed: Apps failing to terminate no longer hang Lifeboat for 90 seconds
Fixed: Improved libsoup installation
Fixed: Button alignments on Windows
Changed: Cron job name restrictions are now more lenient

Download the update:


Build 68

This update improves SSH security. The installation process now ensures the port currently connected remains open on the firewall, and adds the ability to change the SSH port to the Secure Authentication server tools.

New: Hide nginx server tokens
New: Static Files now support HTTP 2.0
New: Change the SSH port from Secure Authentication
Fixed: Install process ensures the currently connected port is open on the firewall

Download the update:


Build 69

This build adds dark mode support for Windows! Additionally this version configures the nginx proxy to use HTTP 1.1 (previously using the default HTTP 1.0). Finally, this version also fixes two errors that can occur.

New: Dark mode support on Windows
Fixed: Exception when expanding upload folders with hidden items
Fixed: Issue launching uploaded apps containing spaces
Changed: nginx configuration proxy_http_version 1.1

Download the update:


Build 70

Lifeboat now supports Debian 11! The first release of 2022 packs a lot of improvements including the ability to clear log files, reliability enhancements, and UI fixes. Build 70 is a recommended update for all.

New: Support for Debian 11
New: Clear logs from within Lifeboat
New: Log viewer scrolls to bottom to show the latest entries automatically
New: Weekly cron job to cleanup Lifeboat temporary files
New: Automatically open web browser after deploying a web app
Fixed: Reliability of downloading larger log files
Fixed: Install process apache detection
Fixed: Can no longer resize Preferences window
Fixed: Cron job editor is now legible in Windows dark mode
Changed: Refactored web app upload process
Changed: Improved the handling of missing log files
Changed: Status report window better fits the width of the contents

Download the update:

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