IDE Memory leak still there

Feedback Case Number: 27264
Feedback Case Link: feedback://showreport?report_id=27264
This case is closed by @Geoff_Perlman but there is no indication that this has ever been fixed. It’s easy to reproduce (took me 30 seconds) and causing slowdown (drawing, autocomplete delays etc) on windows (probably macOS)

I’ve run a test (on windows) for the issue on this specific case. It seems that if one runs an empty new project a couple of times the memory is not released. Even after so many years this is causing slowdowns in the ide. When doing this with bigger projects memory usage can go as far as 10GB or higher even slowing down the IDE terribly on windows.


  • Open Xojo IDE (i did this with plugins loaded)
  • Click new desktop project
  • Run the project (without editing a single thing)
  • Important: Open task manager, write down IDE memory usage.
  • Press the stop button (from the IDE)
  • Important: Open task manager, write down IDE memory usage.
  • Run the project again
  • Important: Open task manager, write down IDE memory usage.
  • Stop the project agina
    Important: Open task manager, write down IDE memory usage.

You’ll see if you have written down the memory usage when it was stable in the taksmanager on the xojo ide process it’s grown but never got back down. On each run it keeps growing and growing, never getting back (or even close) to the original memory usage.

Anyone sees this ? On Windows an MacOS ?
It seems xojo can’t reproduce so i’ll make a new case if we can reproduce reliably

Oh. this is a very old issue and it never got fixed.
Would be great if it was fixed though.

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Well since xojo says it’s not reproducible perhaps different people can reproduce it ?

I can also reproduce this under macOS. It does seem to be a memory leak.

Thanks, so this means it’s on MacOS too … more reason to get it fixed since it’s on all platforms…


In the feedback case you mentioned, someone already replied it also happens on Mac OS.
And I too am impacted by this, as my IDE can stay open for weeks; I easily consider this to be the most important bug I’d wish to be resolved.

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Maybe the IDE long time leak explains the Web apps leaking. Some kind of inherited problem from the framework no one can find the origin and solution.

I’m seeing it here on an M1 MacBook Pro too. Definite memory leak.


I’m not sure @Rick_A i’ve had a build web application leaking (Web 2.0) that’s not bound to the IDE anymore (since it’s build).

When i do debugruns on window with xojo web i see the IDE (xojo.exe) leaking much less than when i do debugruns with a desktop application (far bigger leak).

i’ve created a new FB case: feedback://showreport?report_id=64035
Please add any additional info to this case so it can be solved one day by xojo.

The IDE is written in Xojo, so it uses the same framework you get your web leaking apps.When you do a local debug run of a desktop leaking app using a debugger that also leaks, I do expect more local leaks. :smile:

Derk, are you using default plugins and a default desktop project? Maybe you could put up a little video of it happening so we can put the IDE into the same state first?

I’ve just tried running a desktop project about 30 times and I’m not seeing an increasing memory footprint from xojo.exe

It did increase slightly from 400 to 415MB but its gone back to around 400 now and now down to 395 while writing this.

However, if I switch between Window1 and This Computer over and over again then the memory of xojo.exe increases rapidly (I’ll report that, feedback://showreport?report_id=64036) indicating a leak. So maybe if you were in a certain view on the IDE when you were debugging then it could be that.

I’m on 1000MB used now, just from changing views.

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please check feedback://showreport?report_id=64035 the FB case. It shows how to reproduce i’ve added screenshots of task manager showing the growth. It may be even better to take this over a longer time period where many more debug runs where done.

i’ve had cases where the IDE used 10+GB and i’ve restarted the IDE after, but never reported it. Now it looks like it’s a leak, since i use the MBS plugins and einhugur plugins on default (desktop project open) the ide uses about 1250 MB (windows 10). After running more and more and more debug runs it’s more like 2-10GB … Surely Xojo must see the same?

@JulianS i’ve tested this since i’ve tried to replicate all fb cases with memory leaks. It seems this drops back down (not 100% back to where it was) pretty fast again (on my machine).

It seems that the xojo ide needs some more attention as this may become more even more serious over time.

I’ve seen it, screenshots are a little pointless as I see memory usage change when doing things (normal) but over time no real increase when testing with all defaults as I mentioned above.

What would be needed for the reproduction steps would be a list of plugins used and versions (to find out of its one of those contributing to the issue) as well as a video showing it increase when you perform a certain action and for that memory to not be released if you stop that action for a short time period.

Added screenshots showing which plugins are all loaded.
It’s up to xojo to replicate this, we may assume Xojo does test with plugins (i sure hope so).

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I’m not even using the plugins it’s an empty project. One may expect the plugins would not cause ANY issue when not in use ?

You might want to zip all those up and include them in a private ticket so they don’t have to spend time hunting for them as they don’t indicate their versions etc.

The plugins have be loaded/used when in the IDE to actually appear in the IDE, who actually knows when/where they are poked :slight_smile:

I would hope so, but just in case, have some of your tests with a Xojo install without them. If the behavior changes, you know that such presences influences the result.

I just now tried, it seems there is no change in behaviour when there are NO plugins used (and cleared the cache) it even seems to grow a little more per run.

Are you just sitting at the Window1 view and clicking Run then Stop over and over?

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