Complaints Are Verboten!

Continuing the discussion from Why was the XDC video cost thread closed?:

A discussion was closed in a matter of a few hours today because a user complained that an XDC video was being sold instead of (presumably) shared for free. I have mixed feelings about that, and Xojo can charge what it wants, regardless, but I was rather shocked to read Ms. Foley’s reasons for shutting down the thread. It is apparently not allowed to criticize Xojo’s “corporate decisions” (her words). While my communications with Ms. Foley and every member of the Xojo staff have been nothing but cordial, I found this edict startling, self-defeating and not a little high-handed. Like the user issuing the complaint, I was unaware of this policy. Now that I know about it, I’d like very much to challenge it.

I love Xojo, and the staff, and find this forum very useful. I have complained (or commented in a way that was not completely positive) on various aspects of Xojo’s documentation and I’ve read the complaints/comments of others that have informed me about issues I was not aware of. How is this harmful or disruptive (which, I presume, would be the argument of Ms Foley et, al. for censoring the discussion)?

Whatever her reasoning, the policy (if such exists) is clearly self-defeating. Witness the fact that I wouldn’t have complained here if the discussion on the other thread hadn’t been closed so peremptorily, Neither would I have complained on the original thread were it kept open to discussion.



Except those were not her words.

Those were her words, and you should be embarrassed for cherry-picking and misrepresenting her statement.

This matter is closed. Consider this a word to the wise.