Why was the XDC video cost thread closed?

I see that the thread I started about the decision to charge for the XCD videos has been closed?

Why is this? The thread was on topic, not in violation of any of Xojo’s forum rules (as far as I can see) and was generating a lot of likes (and therefore is of interest / value to the community.


Agreed. Closing threads is a bad look.


What was the post about ? You regretted that the videos were not free ?

The discussion was about the merits of charging a large amount of money for recordings of community member’s presentations given at the XDC retreat. I was trying to make the case for how it would be of greater benefit to the wider Xojo community to share them for free since they offer tips for how to use Xojo. They are also promotional (for example Christian’s MBS talk). It just makes no sense to sell them.

Closing the thread seems very aggressive.


It was closed because this forum is not a venue to complain about Xojo corporate decisions.