Youtube from desktop app

Anyone managed to get a youtube video playing on a desktop app in a htmlviewer?, I thought this worked but now i get a white screen. Other URLS seem ok, is it something youtube have done to stop embedding of their videos?

Did you try with IE as host of HTMLViewer?
Because Webkit comes without plugins.

only for you? blocked?

Google blocks YouTube from use within an iFrame. Check if other sites appear OK to test it — I have discovered that AWS does the same. Google doesn’t want you to block out their ads and place your own around the outside!

But contrary to the Web one, the Desktop HTMLViewer is not an iframe.

I would rather think the issue is dues to the fact that desktop HTMLViewer Windows is seen as IE 7.

Christian posted a link to Web Browser Control & Specifying the IE Version - Rick Strahl's Web Log which shows some registers to change to make the HTMLVIewer look like more recent versions. I did not test it, but it maybe worth looking into it.

Windows 10 has changed the keys mentioned in the article pointed to. See

For Desktop, I use a slightly different approach. I use Goggle’s dev script that calls YouTube’s player_api

to make it work, I simply use a textfield or textarea to include the text up through “videoid:”. In my open or button event I set the HTMLviewer loadPage to use the textfield1.text + “’” + textfield2.text + "’ + the rest of the code snippet. Works like a champ at least on my MacBook pro. Haven’t pushed it to windows yet.

how do i make the youtube video open full screen in the htmlviewer using the code from Ben Joyner above?

never mind… i change the height and width in the above code.

i tested on windows7, window8 and windows10 virtual machine using virtualbox and it run fine on both windows7 and windows8 but on windows10, it look like it is loaded but it does not play at all when i click on the play button. I am using webkit renderer for the htmlviewer.

it work very well on the mac machine with el capitan.