Xojo's eighth birthday

Xojo turns eight years old today.

On 4th June 2013, Xojo Inc. announced the name change from Real Studio to Xojo, the new IDE and the new license model.

Originally Xojo started over 20 years ago as CrossBasic, got rebranded as REALbasic and released in 1998 to the public. In 2010 the name was changed to Real Studio before in 2013 the company and its product were renamed to Xojo. See Wikipedia for details.

Congratulations to the team and looking forward to the next 20 years!

See you at the Xojo Conference in London next year.


I sadly remember. How I wish to read the page below at time to be able to compile / test my application then.

The help comes far later after I discovered by myself how to do that (probably in july or august…).


Nota: giving the information in the Beta list is nice, give it to everyone is far better.

This page is not linked / provided with the IDE… How new buyersare supposed to discover it ?

Can 't believe it’s only been eight years, seems like a lifetime ago.


Does anyone know how they found the name “xojo”? I missed that bit. All I know is that it sounds easy to find a new name for a product, but it really isn’t: global trademarks, free domains, ensuring it doesn’t mean something weird in a different language, needs to be crisp and short, pronounceable in most languages, etc. … it isn’t a BASIC task :wink:

Correct - it’s definitely not easy. Finding something meaningful that fit all of the criteria was a lengthy process.

The X is for cross-platform, “ojo” is object-oriented.


Oh boy, I learned something today !

But there is something that was not tested: how would automatic speech to text would do . . . Just watch some presentation with the text displayed: the poor computer has quite a hard time figuring how to write “Xojo” :laughing:


I was thinking about a different story…

Geoff, as a musician, loves the Mojo magazine. Add that to XCode, you get Xojo…

Wrong or true, this is a nice story :wink:


lovely, did you ever explain that somewhere? This is new to me, good story to communicate I think.


Yes, we have it on this page.


Don’t change the name again. I don’t want to have to buy a new t-shirt.


Funny, selective perception :-). I know that page, never looked deeply enough at that logo.

Happy Birthday, Xojo! Here’s to many more!


Secondary-level and college students in schools all over the world are to Xojo programming in introductory courses.

needs a grammar review. Great logo on that page!

+425,000 users

It is written on the page linked above. Registered users? 200 $/year x 425000 = 95 000 000 $/year. I’m missing something.
Anyway, happy with Xojo and happy bithday.
Note: I don’t have a T-shirt, but keep the name please.

I expect the number being licenses given out over many years. And since they had a couple of promotions with free licenses to VB developers and being part of various bundle offers, the average price is probably lower.

As long as a few thousand people buy or renew their licenses every year, we can enjoy Xojo for a long time.

… and if only every fourth user is working with MBS, then Christian is driving a brand new Maserati every week :slight_smile: . If I learned one thing in business life: it is lost life time speculating about marketing and financials of any given company.

However, a relatively good indicator of decent (financial) management is how long a company has already been in business. Xojo, MBS, Einhugur, GraffitiSuite, Tim’s strawberry, etc. are obviously doing well here. Of course, this is not saying everything about the quality of the products of a company, but it doesn’t sound either that they are doing everything wrong.

As a customer relying on their products, I’m happy that they ensured sustainability so far, even though time to market might sometimes be slower than I expect. Markets are crucial: what is very successful today, might fail in a few months and vice versa (less likely though). In this sense, I wish Xojo and all contributors many more sustainable years ahead of us!

Well, we can make a living.
I assume I capture a portion of the Pro market for Xojo.
Lots of beginners and occasional users don’t need a plugin.

Xojo Inc. seems to do well, has been in business for over 20 years and attracts more new users than old users leaving.


They need them, they don’t use them :wink: .

Making money is anyways a complicated topic with many aspects to consider. For me it is important to have fun by earning my money (sure I need to pay the bills but beyond that, it is about doing what you really want to do). Otherwise, I would probably be selling drugs, homeopathic pills, and drops, or running some McD franchise business or any other gangster job :slight_smile: .

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Hmm… Dana is not a boy… :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Me too, I’ve learnt today why Xojo is named like this. And I was there when the name changed, but I don’t remember having seen the explanation.

Christian, I’m doing things I probably couldn’t do without you (and Björn.) Thanks!