Xojo2023r3 WebDialog

I used Me.Resizable = True in Xojo2018 WebDialog, it worked.
In Xojo2023r3 this code will create error when attempting to compile. According to documentation Resizable is the property of WebDialog. Can someone help me to understand how to make WebDialog resizable?

Some of the Web2 documentation is a copy of what Web1 offered, so it is wrong.
Web2 does not offer this.

OK, thanks for confirmation.

Maybe this open source can help you:

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Alberto, I have examined Event Handler for the WebDialog after deleting Resized event inherited from Xojo2018 code, it looks like the Resized event is still available for selection in Xojo2023r3. Is this a bug or unfinished feature?

The WebDialog resized will fire when you resize the browser, but the WebDialog will stay the same size. This is for 2023r3.

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