JS Panel for XojoWeb Open Source

After many requests I decided to release my Wrapper of the JSPanel library under MIT license. I fixed up the code and implemented new features. I hope it will help someone and I hope I can help to better understand how WebSDK 2.0 works.

The main features are:

  • Using WebContainers to design your own dialog boxes.
  • Adds features not found in Xojo such as : Maximize, Minimize, Resize.
  • Creating hint messages.
  • Create dialog boxes with custom buttons (e.g., Yes or No).
  • Create progress dialogs that remain visible until the indicated routine is completed.
  • Create progress dialogs with messages that can be updated during the execution of a WebThread.
  • Ability to create Master and Slave panels.
  • Ability to create a dialog box containing HTML code.

Find everything on my github repository: https://github.com/attyskater/JSPanel-Xojo



If anyone needs to change the colors of the various buttons etc find the code in the PreparingSession event in the Session.


Thanks for sharing this @Attilio_Punzi. :slight_smile:


Attillio, thank you very much for making it available, it comes at a very good timing for me as I needed to replace defunct code from Xojo2028 to display alerst, the example behind Hint button in posted example is exactly what I need for Xojo2023r3 - thanks again.

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Hello, Sir. Again, thank you for sharing this tool with the rest of Xojo users.

I just would like to report a bug and at the same time a solution to it.

There’s a quirk if resizing first triggers from the sides but works fine if it starts at the bottom as illustrated in this video.

I look at your code and the the first line of the FireResize method of AttyWebContainer says:

if self.OldWidth > 0 AND self.Oldheight > 0 then

I just changed “AND” to “OR”.

Hope this helps anyone who encounters the same. Thank you!

Is there a way I can set the minimum width and height of the container for resizing?

Hi, I’m so happy you enjoyed my tool!

Thanks for your report, I am busy with work at this time, but I will try to solve the problem.

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Updated to version 2.1.0:
-Fix resize bug
-Add minResizeHeight and minResizeWidth properties



Thank you very much!

Hello, Sir.

I want to report another bug. If you attach a WebTimer in an instance of AttyWebContainer, an error “cannot be cast to webuicontrol” fires from the FireResize event along the

for each c as WebUIControl in Controls


statement block. This is because WebTimer is a WebControl and not a WebUIControl.

I’m sorry I don’t know how to fix this except to avoid the use of a timer. I would if I could.

Thanks a lot.

Try changing:


For Each d As WebControl In Controls
  If d IsA WebUIControl Then
    Var c As WebUIControl = WebUIControl(d)
End If

may be a better way.


This works! Thank you very much!


FYI: That’s fixed for the next Xojo release.