Xojo User/Developer Group in NYC area

I am interested in starting a Xojo User/Developer Group in the NY Metro area.

I am in Dutchess County, NY - approximately one hour north of NYC and would be interested in starting a user group with Xojo developers within the NYC metro area (including North Jersey and Connecticut).

Anyone interested, please let me know.

XDC is this week so the Xojo staff is in overload mode. give them about a week, and they can help you reach out to people in your area.

if you have something to announce, I think Dana and also I can forward it to people in the area.

I have 72 plugin users in New York area, so there may be interest.

Yes we discussed at XDC and I’ll be contacting users in the area.

I’m in Westchester. Let’s see where the users around here are actually located.

I am in Somerset County (NJ), about 35-40 minutes to NYC by train.

Awesome. When we get a few more responses, we will work on a location convenient to as many people as possible.

Hi David,
My name I Anthony, I live on Long Island just east of JFK.
I am very interested in the user’s group.
Please keep me informed.

Awesome. Keep an eye out for more info.


I might attend meetings if they were in the south western ct area. Any further and the drive would simply be too far.

If some responses are any indication, a Hudson Valley group separate from a NYC-Metro group could work out really well. This could easily cover Dutchess, Orange, Rockland, Bergen, Parts of Westchester, and Southwest CT.

I’m in Orange County (Warwick NY) and would definitely for something like this.

Hudson Valley group might work out to be about 90 minutes from Hartford (for example, near Route 84 and Taconic State Parkway). Is that out of reach for you?

Danbury, CT is about 30 minutes from Dutchess and Westchester, and about an hour from JFK and Hartford, CT and most of Orange County.

Let’s get more feedback on this.

Danbury would be acceptable for me, though I can’t make any promises due to family schedules. Basically, don’t let me be a deciding factor. If the stars align and I can attend, I will.

Another factor to consider though is traffic. I-84 around Danbury is hell pretty much all daylight hours. Practically impassible during rush hours.

In fact, it is 2AM Sunday morning here now, and looking at traffic maps of the area, there are STILL traffic problems.

I’ll just throw out Mt. Kisco. Central, accessible from the Saw Mill, Taconic, and 684, and with a local Starbucks. :slight_smile:

Just saying - the permanent meeting place does not have to be determined from Day 1. The first meeting can be in Mt. Kisco (for example) and if it turns out another area would suit more members, we can change it. I would like to see as many people as possible participate.

I am OK with Mt. Kisco. Anybody else?

I should add that it’s a Metro North stop too, on the Harlem line.

Sign me up! May I suggest a meeting place somewhere in CT (New Haven perhaps) which can be easily reached by train. I will be in Syracuse NY soon, so access by train is important for me.

I should add that Starbucks is not an issued for me, but a nice pub would be excellent.