Xojo User/Developer Group in NYC area

Perhaps you don’t realize where Syracuse is…

I do. It is way up north. I spent ten years there on the faculty at Syracuse University, and I have no illusions I will be able to get to NY City during the snow season easily. But Syracuse is ranked the number one college town,


so it will be fun to return. And they even have internet!

Good morning and Happy Mothers Day. I live in Western NY near Rochester. If the location is accessible by train say from Penn Station and then subway that is a consideration. I visit NYC several times a year and the train is preferred travel

Kisco is simply too far for me, but we may actually have two different groups here. I wonder how many people could be found for a northern ct/western ma/boston-ish area.

Those areas are kind of far for boston area people, except maybe those in the western suburbs not far from the mass pike. (I’m due north of Boston). For me Worcester Ma is about an hour and bit from my house (without traffic).

  • Karen

In order to find out where center is, I suggest everyone post their town and I’ll build a map.

there you go being logical…

Worcester is not geographically unreasonable, but it’s an area I try to avoid.

Well, except that it requires posting our locations on a public forum.

or you could send a private message to Kem. Its not like he is going to stalk you Thom.


But yes, private works too.

[quote=186163:@Kem Tekinay]Well…

But yes, private works too.[/quote]

you are tooo busy to stalk anyone. I doubt you sleep as it is.

Are you so sure about that?

He meant, “more than usual.”

I appreciate Kem pitching in here. Thanks.

Please post if you prefer monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly meetings. Thanks.

Since I’ve only gotten one response so far in a private message, my “map” is going to be more like a “line”. It will be pretty easy to spot the center. :slight_smile:

just sent PM :slight_smile:

The map so far:


[quote=186302:@Kem Tekinay]The map so far:


Looks good! The largest cluster of users right now centers around Rockland (Nanuet, Nyack, Orangeburg, Pearl River, etc.). Not bad… Rockland has no shortage of places to eat/drink, that’s for sure.

I’d like to see a few more interested and see how that shifts location on the map. If not, may I suggest Nanuet Restaurant as a potential location- arguably the best pizza and a good selection on-tap.