Xojo roadmap 2016 ?

I like to ask the Xojo team, what is your plan (I mean: new Xojo versions) in 2016? First of all, when comes a real 2016r1 and with what new features and corrections? Q1 is almost over, and the 2015r4.1 was only a little bugfixing edition. :slight_smile:

You can join the conferences and see what they talk about in the keynote.

as you can read here

the big feature for 2016r1 is retina/hidpi mode.

Xojo tends not to announce things before they’re done. This reduces the hassle they have when something comes up and features get delayed. Easier to not tell customers about new things than apologize for them not getting delivered.

Once in a while though, they tell us about a cool new plan. But for the time that I’ve been here, that’s always led to the release schedule going out the window. (iOS for example)

As for bugfix edition, that’s all the dot-releases are. The fix critical issues before the next release is ready.

Xojo very much tends to announce things! Just not with a date it will be available. It’s called teasing…

Usually XDC is the occasion to announce things, and even show prototypes. So was the case for iOS, several years too early :wink:

Seems Xojo has got more prudent lately.

You should not have to wait much longer now.

Mmmm here in Germany Q1 lasts from Jan, 1st till March, 31th…

So does it in France… I bet Xojo will release before the end of Q1 :wink:

Michel, you’re violating the Beta NDA !


really? I don’t think so. I have expected it too, because Xojo has released the last major releases in the expected time frame.

Not sure how you think that is so
He EXPECTS Xojo will release before end of Q1
That could be an educated guess

I’m going to announce it now.
Xojo 2016r1 will be able to read your mind and write code for you.

Send any bug reports or complaints to Norman.

I get to decide WHAT code it writes for you ?
Oh how awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

This topic always gets long winded :stuck_out_tongue:

Xojo, your doing a great job… I would rather be surprised than earily announcements with no dates.

This topic always seems to divide down the “we want to know whats coming & when so we can plan” vs “just keep doing great stuff and release it when its ready” lines

There’s aspects of that on this thread & its not that long
Prior threads include

and I’m sure there are others

Zoltan may want to join the beta program to see earlier what is coming.

PS: I expect Xojo 2016r1 to fix the usual 100 bugs :slight_smile:

100 ?
We’ll have to slow down

I prefer to be too busy to read about the expectations so that when something actually shows up in the beta I’m blown away rather than disappointed it didn’t happen last year :wink:

I think the xojo devs are pretty busy I must admit Xojo could be at least give some more details about hte current releases or what xojo is doing. It’s called public relation work. Nobody usually needs the blogs.

The problem with saying whats coming is as soon as we say “here’s what we’re working on” people say “when ?”.
And if we do say “later” or “in the future” people get bent about not saying specifically when.
IF we DO say “q1 20xx” and have to miss that for some reason, like apple yanks support for something else so we HAVE to address that, then the “but you promised …” starts
This pattern has been common enough over the last nearly 20 years that we tend to not say anything.
Ask anyone who has been around a long time