Xojo reverts my project to Binary if gets logged out, how do I prevent/reverse this

This is the second time this has happened to me. I signed onto an office computer that I don’t use much because I am working from home. I have made edits to my Xojo project. I clicked Command+S. It asked me where I want to save it which I thought was odd because it’s already saved. I cancelled that then hit Command+S again and it saved with no warning about anything being converted.

Now GitHub says my project is a binary file and cannot see any changes in it. It then occurred to me Xojo signed itself of my still active license. This is super infuriating.

How do I get back to a version-control readable format? This seems like a major bug.

Have you installed a license locally? If not, that might be why you get binary only

Yes, I have a license. This computer was licensed. It was licensed with my license that is valid until the end of February next year. I would have no reason to expect to open it up after 2 months and just have it revert to binary without warning me because for whatever reason it un-licenses itself. This is terrible behavior Xojo, truly. And this exact same thing has happened to me before. Is it enough to now simply File > Save as Xojo (non-binary) Project on top of itself?

Very infuriating! :rage:

Ah, I think you solved my mystery for me! I’d used text format forever on my project, then recently I noticed the most current save was binary in the midst of all the text format files. I couldn’t figure out what had happened but I bet I got logged out and then saved. Ugh, there should definitely be a warning about that.

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I’m glad I’m not alone! This definitely happened to me once before like 2 years ago. I think I have it fixed now but yes XOJO please address this!

Suggest you file a feedback.

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you guys probably upgraded to Big Sur. Unfortunately the license is “lost” then. As far as I understood due to changes on how Apple is storing some stuff. You need to log out in the IDE, go to Xojo delete the license for that particular computer, then log-in into the IDE again and refresh your license key. Now you can again save in other formats than binary only.

BTW same happens for new Big Sur releases, like recently 11.1. The sad news are, that if you are not aware of it, you will only get a warning that license is missing when you are trying to compile an app. If you are only debugging (like many of us do) saving will result in saving as binary and you might not notice it immediately.

I noticed it immediately as I’m using git for versioning and was surprised that I only had one change in one file after a few hours of work … The good news is that nothing gets lost, you usually only need to do the re-licensing, open the file and store it again in text format.

But yes, it is of course a pain in the neck …

i have this problem yesterday after installing the release version of 202r2.1. i have been using the xml version and suddenly it complain and want to save the binary, so i go and check by license and it is not there anymore.

the weird thing is i have been testing the beta version of 2020r2.1 for the last few weeks and this problem does not exist until the release version

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Every time this problem comes up it’s “not reproducible”: <https://xojo.com/issue/60743>

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Case 60743 does not seem to be public, I was not able to open it, not found.

I had this:

Installed 2020R2.1
Opened a text project
Saved the project and without warning:
In git i see it has became a binary project with the extention “.xojo_project” (this should NEVER happen)

  • a text project being saved as binary or xml should warn about the actual file type!

Noticed i was logged out of the ide.
Had to discard the changes, login the ide then redo my changed and save…

There goes all the work.

you could have opened the binary file after activation of the license, save it then as text again, delete the binary file and commit the git, but I agree that the issues Xojo is apparently facing about the licensing mechanism should consequently lead to a warning then a text-based project switches all the sudden to binary type.

There is no indication that you are not logged in when saving. It just SAVES with CTRL+S or CMD+S blindly a binary project over the xojo_project file keeping the xojo_project extention.

Yes, I know, the issue is not that you are not logged in, but that there is no license in your profile any longer. Xojo should give us a heads up if this is happening. So if there was a license in Xojo upon the last run, and it is now missing => MessageBox that you are in trouble (or it should at least happen before saving your project).

It happens whenever there is an update on Big Sur or after the first upgrade to Big Sur. You basically have 2 options currently:

    1. Log-Out in the IDE, delete the related computer in the license section of Xojo.com, Login again in the IDE and(!) Important: Click on “License Keys” under the menu item “Xojo” and update your license, within a few seconds it will pull the new license again and you are good until the next BS update.
    1. Download your license file from Xojo.com and either drag & drop it to Xojo or add it manually under Licenses.

I understand that Xojo is facing issues with some apple changes, but not getting an indication at all is a bit of a challenge I was lucky that nothing bad happened, but this can easily lead to a disaster if you don’t use git, or you don’t notice it fast enough or at all …

We are looking into this.


Ehr… All of sudden I had a message about my licensing few weeks ago, my licensed computer got an unlicensed status from nowhere. I did not upgraded to Big Sur because I’m running Win 10 on this machine. :smile: Login/logout did not fixed it. So I had to go to my account, delete the current authorization, download my license, and reapply it. This mechanism seems a bit unstable.


FWIW, this mechanism has been in use for just under 10 years and hasn’t been an issue until just recently (the last year or so). After some discussion last night, we’ve got an idea about what’s going on but have to run some tests.


I’m just reporting that the current instability probably is not isolated to Macs, or even deeper, to BS+ installs.
FWIW, after the measures I made trying to fix that event, everything seems fine again.

Wow, interesting. From the FC in testing I thought it is reduced to BS only. My observation, never lost it on my Win10 in Parallels. But lost the key on MacOS (on all platforms x86 & M1) starting with BS, but yes I don’t have anything < BS any longer …

FWIW it happened on my machines with every(!) new Beta and RC of BS. Even the GM, or whatever it is now called, boom - licenses gone with the wind. As the license is till on Xojo.com it seems that the IDE can’t identify the machine any longer. @Rick_A do you know if your Windows run an update? I’m asking because I have switched off automatic Windows Updates on my version running in parallels.

This machine gets updates all the time (one or two per month), sometimes the updates comes from Dell (SSD firmware, Graphic card firmware, Dell subsystems, etc) and sometimes MS things.