Xojo Pro Plus aka Enterprise

Just got the email about Xojo Pro Plus. I’m interested, but not sure what it really is. I read this: https://www.xojo.com/store/proplus.php

A while ago, Xojo Pro had a feature where we could post to the Pro forum where those with access would get the eyes of Xojo staff before reading the other channels. I was sad to see this taken away.

While another $1300 tacked onto Xojo Pro sounds VERY expensive, $100/month doesn’t so I’m very interested if it’s worth it.

But what does Top Priority Support and Fast Fixes actually mean and how are they delivered? Is this essentially getting 1 million feedback points? I have some bugs that I reported that are verified. Would this magically get those bugs resolved?

I also heard there was a speical meeting for folks with Enterprise at XDC. Does that still exist?

That means: “Make more money with the same amount of work.”

Hi Hal and Beatrix,

These changes were implemented after talking to the users who had Xojo Enterprise. In this case, we took direct user feedback to improve our offerings and this change came as a direct result of those conversations.

Yes, there was a Xojo Pro channel but many people found it fractured forum conversations and excluded people who could and should be in a specific conversation, we closed it down last year sometime. We’ve always prided ourselves on how accessible our team is to the community. If you want to speak with someone directly, you can PM them on the forum or email hello@xojo.com and if I can’t answer your question, I’ll make sure to get you to someone who can.

Top Priority Support is just as defined on that page, we’ll bump your support questions to the top of the queue and we’ll review your Feedback cases first. And of course you can set up a call with us anytime too.

Fast Fixes is as defined on that page as well. Because of the difference between bugs and what may be involved in fixing one, we can’t promise that we will fix “X” bugs for you. But we can promise to help you track down an issue in your code, get a bug you’ve discovered fixed more quickly or help you find a workaround.

And yes, we did previously offer a meeting with Geoff but people did not seem to want or use this so we dropped it. Geoff is always interested in hearing from customers, if you want to reach out to him on the forum you can anytime. Or email hello@xojo.com to set up a call.

I hope I’ve answered all your questions. Let me know if you have others.

Thank you.

I understand what you mean about the Pro forum, but that sounds like a similar issue with Pro Plus as there will be conversations not included in the general channels as well. It really bummed me out to lose the Pro forum.

As I said, I’m really interested in Pro Plus, but still not sure. I’ve submitted verified bugs that are pending fixes. I guess I was hoping that Pro Plus would be more of a guarantee but still sounds fuzzy. But I understand you can’t just say all my wishes will come true.

Could you share a few examples how folks use Pro Plus?

Well, we just announced Pro Plus this morning, so I don’t have any examples to share of it being used yet :slight_smile: If anyone wants to email me with the Feedback cases they are specifically interested in if they were to upgrade to Pro Plus, I will be able to give you a more specific answer.

edited for grammar :slight_smile:

Isn’t it mostly the same as Enterprise?

We took feedback from Enterprise users and changed what was included. We also changed the name to Xojo Pro Plus to better reflect what it actually was. Enterprise had code review meetings but people who purchased it said they were more interested in fixes and directed engineering. We also upped the activations from 3 to 6 as this was something else Enterprise users expressed a need for.

Ok. I’m excited to hear how it helps others.

I guess my expectations are just getting bugs fixed soon after reported and verified.

The upgrade to 6 activations is useful to install Xojo Pro in a lot of VMs as you may need to use GIT here and the text project format requires a Pro license.

But 2x Pro is cheaper and in most VMs we don’t activate Xojo and just copy the projects there to debug locally with Xojo without a license. Or we use remote debugging.

Top Priority Support - If a bug is found, why does a speedy confirmation matter? If something is black and white, its a bug, if something is grey, I’ll ask the forum. What’s the benefit of verifying first other than rubbing the salt in that you actually need to wait for a new release to possibly have the problem addressed?

Fast Fixes - So you’ll promise to fix a bug faster if we pay more but you won’t promise to fix it? So how is that better than Pro?

2x Activations - For another $100 over Pro+ I can get 3xPro licences, so 9 activations and legally split them to different devs, so what’s the advantage of Pro+?

So to summarise, you want almost 3x the price for 2x the licence usage with the possibility of fixing stuff that you can’t promise you’ll fix? I hope I am wrong, please do correct me if so.

I am only using one license key for my CI/CD pipeline as I build everything on one specific VM. then use other VMs/OSs to do the rest of the work. So paying roughly 3x the cost for 2x the licenses doesnt peak my interest.

maybe I am not awake yet to see the benefits of the upped level.

I think this license is for cooperations. They buy a few licenses and want quick attention for issues.

The speedy confirmation of a bug may help to reduce the time to work on a workaround.
And an engineer may have a workaround or a real fix in a new beta really quick.

For some clients I could imaging that this kind of support helps avoiding problems which could delay a release for weeks.

Julian, I am not 100% sure what you are saying you do here. But friendly reminder, though a Xojo Pro license comes with 3 activations, they are still one license and therefore for a single developer. Assigning your 3 Pro license activations to 3 different developers is strictly against the EULA.

I’m saying, if you bought 3 x Pro licences (for $100 more than 1 x Pro+ licence) you could assign them to 3 developers and have 9 activations between them, whether you use that as 1 developer with 9 activation or 3 developers with 3 activations each is up to the licencee, where as if you had Pro+ you would have less activations (6) and you wouldn’t be able to split those between 2 developers (or 3 in my example) as that would be against the EULA, so you’re worse off going for Pro+ in all aspects of licencing.

I love all this interest in Xojo Pro Plus :slight_smile: If Xojo Pro Plus is something you are seriously interested in, please contact me with case numbers, fixes or whatever it is you want to get out of it. We’re trying to make the offering broad so that it can work for different needs.

Well it sounds like this is a better option for you than Xojo Pro Plus! But other users care about the added level of support and contact. We try to offer licenses for all kinds of users :slight_smile:

I was wondering about this too. How does getting bugs fixed differ between non Pro, Pro, and Pro Plus.

It’s a question of priority. Pro Plus users are going to get higher priority than others. While we can’t guarantee we can fix a bug, we are going to put more effort in for bugs reported by Pro Plus users (those they feel are showstoppers for them). We will also work with them to find workarounds. We try to do this for ALL users but we can spend more time on Pro Plus users because they are a top priority support customer.

@Alyssa Foley and @Dana Brown - please, we all know resources @Inc are very limited. This means the vast majority will get degraded since there will never, ever, be any time left to serve them anymore.

Sorry, but this is a no go!
I totally agree with Julian, and i would never pay for a pro licence to get „Priority Support“.
This forum is the best support i can ever get and xojo should‘nt divide their customers into first and second level people.