Xojo pricing

I have a Professional License of RealStudio 2012r2.1, and I’ve been shocked by the Xojo License pricing: 700 euros against 250 (and 350 against 120 for the renew).
Isn’t it too much?

Well, they were saying renewals would be:

$150 for desktop
$50 for Console
$100 for Database
$300 total for “professional”

$300 to euro is 230 according to google.

I think they’ve cocked it up on their site somehow, as they are showing 580 euros!? 700 with VAT?

Yes it is - the cost doubled (both new and renewal) for those using Professional. The response in the past to this complaint is along the lines of “the price will go up for some and down for others…”.

I received today an e-mail from Dana Brown exposing the new pricing:

Platform New Renewal

Desktop 300 150
Web 400 200
Console 100 50
Database 300 150

Till yesterday the prices where lower…

Do you know full description of “Xojo Database Server License”?
Maybe Xojo staff know it!

Any database using the Xojo API. If you only use RealSQLDatabase or SQLLiteDatabase you don’t need this. I believe some MBS works without it and also Valentia.

I am new to “Xojo”. I don’t know what is it RealSQLDatabase.
Full Xojo product description is missing.

You are right Aurel, the website lacks a bit of information and probably there are people working on this. But as for the RealSQLDatabase, it’s there for compatibility reasons. It was superseded by SQLite. More info in the Documentation folder of your installation. Check: UserGuide-Fundamentals.pdf UserGuide-Development.pdf UserGuide-Framework.pdf UserGuide-UserInterface.pdf

But newcomers may start with products descriptions and detailed licensing. And after that documentation.
(I am not English native)

Agree. Just trying to help a bit. (Me neither) :wink:

[quote]I think they’ve cocked it up on their site somehow, as they are showing 580 euros!? 700 with VAT?[/quote]Ignore that :D, thats just me confusing new prices as renewal :O. Xojo may want to clarify to new users that there is a lower renewal price on the buy page too?

A price rise is always going to come as a disappointment but it’s not too bad in all honesty. If you take some other development solutions their charging up to 3k and you have to have an active license to build commercial apps, no keeping hold of an older version.

But that said, there are completely open source options, partial open source solutions with various licensing schemes & while Xojo is about 10 years behind on some modern features, it’s actually surprising how many of the other solutions lack something as basic as an SSL socket and no way to call external functions making them just as useless in certain areas.

I’m just confused how console can be charged on top of the desktop license when it’s not really adding anything and database servers appear to be more of an API set which makes it hard to warrant regular renewals? If i were to own a past database license and dont renew it but i do renew my desktop license, can the latest desktop use a past database server version or am I shafted and force to update both of them in line with each other?

There’s certainly a lack of clarification on licenses that needs to be addressed.

Personally I dont think it was Xojo’s best move neither do I think it’ll be profitable for them in the long run - there are opensource solutions that, dare I say make more money, with bigger clients and less years “in the industry” as they attract users with simple pricing (or lack of said pricing with open source) and make their money from users who sell their software.

I’m still personally concerned with future stability of Xojo which these changes made me look into, I do have a list of alternatives that I’m keeping an eye on to gauge against Xojo.

Xojo really need to start raising the bar on a product aspect and pricing scheme aspect - as a paying customer I want them to succeed and after all, they enable me to succeed by doing so, but if you take some of the opensource solutions, if I make an app and sell it and I make a decent sum, I’m going to throw money at them to improve it that far exceeds the price of an individual license. A free IDE was almost there, but people will take it too much as a cheap novelty as it doesn’t expand much past a free trial.

I’m hopeful (or at least hoping) Xojo can deliver, though Im surprised with an industry of 3rd party IDE’s they’ve not made their compiler and other tool accessible to 3rd parties applications to interface with? They are entirely closing themselves off and the pricing changes seem to be more down this closed door business model that people not only dislike, but have been proven almost always unsuccessful.

When 64bits is available, hopefully some lower level functions to internal elements (i.e. more raw access) Xojo will be a really solid solution.

For now, at least for me I’m still here dangling on a string because of a couple of trivial features on particular alternative lacks. Hoping Xojo delivers before they do.

But pricing wise? I think the license on top of desktop makes them over priced at the moment, but with changes ^ i would be inclined to say their under priced comparing to competitors

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Thank you, Luke, for your post.
I am a VB6 developer, and I was looking for a valid alternative to Microsoft Visual Studio. I am still testing RealStudio, and this solution seemed to me quite good, so I bought a Professional license (price = 250 euros, renewal = 120 euros).
Now if you want to buy the same license you have to spend 580 euros for a new license, and 290 for renewal.
I have just check that Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Professional costs 550 euros, and you have four languages (Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, Visual F#), you can develop application for desktop, web, cloud and devices.
Surely the choice of a development tool is not only a matter of costs, but I don’t agree to spend much money for something that “perhaps” will be my future development tool.
Hope that something will change in the next future.
Best regards.

Sorry…Visual Studio 2012 Professional costs 529 euros (not 550)

Agreed, but you are limited to Windows exclusively, and the numbers of languages available isn’t “per sé” a better ROI when you buy a development tool. Xojo is the BEST RAD crossplatform tool available. Mac’s are gaining more and more market each month over Windows, and with IOS coming soon, Cocoa no longer Beta, Linux, 64 bit edition, LLVM, safest WEB applications all in a single IDE with it’s easy of use, crossplatform debugger, native plugins, etc…etc… Xojo clearly wins in the cross platform market.

With a PRO license you get almost 4 more value than using MS Studio 2012 without having to deal with different languages and framweorks (Objetive C for Mac, C++/C# Windows, etc…etc).

If you are going to develop exclusively for Windows, surely there will be better tools, and C#/C++ seems the logical choice as is Microsoft ofificial platform. But with Mac, Linux and IOS included it’s more a bargain than a high price.

Also you have a closer contact with developers, something is valuable and they do answer your questions and helps you with your problems in a personal way. To me, that’s priceless.

Xojo is not perfect, no development tool is, but this in my case, offers the best of all.

One of the best :slight_smile:

Maybe I am missing some new RAD crossplatform tool available that includes all the Xojo features I were describing. Until now, I haven’t found any.

I agree with you, Amando. Till now I have written software for Windows platform, and I liked very much the cross-platform capability of RealStudio (although I found very small literature about it).
I like also the “copy and paste” deploy of RS applications, without having to struggle with the “dll hell”.
I am almost sure to become a RS (now Xojo) developer…hope I’ll found your help when needed!

Thanks to everybody

They do exist

Rad Studio XE4

I wouldnt’ go as far a saying “xojo is the best cross platform RAD tool”. Yes it’s both good and bad in many ways.