Xojo Monday Hangout

[h]Topic: Xojo Monday Hangout[/h]
Time: Apr 20, 2020 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 956 6214 0023

See you in 38 minutes…

Did you ask @Yousaf Shah or someone else to host it to avoid the 40 min limit?

I think in the moment there is - because of Corona - no 40 min limit.

No there is a limit. They might forgive you the first time you try but subsequently they cut you off at 40 minutes

I think there is a mechanism to assign another host while the meeting is actually going on. I have an account that allows for endless meetings so we could experiment. But I think there was some sentiment in the group that the automatic cut-off was healthy so participants were forcibly returned to reality.

Now my wife has grabbed our account for a meeting with her friends for this time slot so I am not sure that I can do the experiment at least at this meeting.

I like the 40-minute limit since I do have work to get back to. :wink:

But feel free to start your own hangouts and post links to them in the forum.

zoom does not like Mac OS Catalina!

No trouble here though.

Works well

what version you using
I just got mine from Zoom, and the installation fails, even though I checked in security settings

and finished.


don’t feel bad as I heard @Kem Tekinay just throws rocks at everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

You can try to install it and have it ready next time.

Maybe it doesn’t like the Brave Browser… I’ll try Chrome

I’m used to it…


I usually click the link 10 minute before it starts, so I don’T miss it.

We have been doing them Monday, Wednesday and Friday.