Xojo Monday Hangout

well missed it again… dang time zones

You can create an entry in calendar.app and change time zone to New York, which helps me.

Well Jitsi Meet would be fine but Zoom? Zoom can be considered as malware and made every Mac last year vulnerable due a local webserver, which remained even when Zoom was removed. If somebody is interested in a more technical static code audit, enjoy it here!

If there is a piece of crap software I never would install, then it’s Zoom.

Uh oh, regading Zoom

[quote=485376:@Tomas Jakobs]Uh oh, regading Zoom[/quote]
no such link

I guess the link was hacked, this works.

Good morning, Dave you are right the link is down. Was a link to Haaretz, an israeli newspaper reporting the latest Zoom bombing of high level diplomatic holocaust memorial day session.

No, the link is not down, it included HTML code after it, I removed it and if you click on the link of my post you can visit the page.

Here is what you posted:

[url=https://www.haaretz.com/jewish/.premium-israeli-holocaust-event-in-germany-zoom-bombed-with-anti-semitic-slurs-1.8786521 ]regading Zoom[/url]
You see that after the 8786521 there is an end of line, that was taken as <br/>

It was a simple fix, I just changed your link to:

[url=https://www.haaretz.com/jewish/.premium-israeli-holocaust-event-in-germany-zoom-bombed-with-anti-semitic-slurs-1.8786521]regading Zoom[/url]

And now it works: regading Zoom. Sorry I was not clear before.

Or if you click the original link, just remove the <br/>