Xojo Meeting for Chicago, Illinois


I’ll go to Chicago next year and I’m checking to see if Xojo developers there are interested in a meeting in the area to talk about Xojo.

Here is my survey:

Would be nice if a few people join the survey and later the meeting.


Yes! Love to meet you. Let me look at the survey.

OK. Dates filled out. It’s a busy time that time of year as it’s near St. Patty’s Day and I have two daughters who do Irish Dance! But I should be able to make it.


I signed up. It’s not that far from me and I do have family in the area that (usually) still talk to me. :slight_smile:

i wish some of my family would stop talking to me.

Signed up as well! Would be very interested in meeting all of you (hopefully in the north or northwest burbs).

you are welcome to suggest a place.
I’m probably staying near airport anyway.

Within easy taxi distance from O’Hare airport there are several hotels that we could rent a meeting room. Radisson, Sheraton, Hyatt, Hilton Inn, even a Holiday Inn. It’s been a long time since I’ve lived in that area but I’d think that practically any hotel would be sufficient for a days training/get together.

O’Hare has a hotel on premises (hilton) and a conference room for 800.00 usd a day that seats 20 or so.

I think Christian was talking about Dinner only, but I could be wrong.

Well, if you guys want to have a training day and Bob wants to offer that, this would be okay for me.
I would just be there :slight_smile:

I just don’t want to myself rent room and sell tickets for something as I don’t want to become subject to US tax.

Hm…well, how many people are signed up? If there are enough people it’s worth a training day for me.

Bob, we can check after christmas.

While I could use training, that’s not something that would fit in with my plans at the moment. So how about we keep it to dinner and conversation.

There’s a ton of places near ORD. The question is the amount of money you want to spend on dinner. We’ve got everything from Morton’s Steakhouse to McDonalds…


Well, I will email my clients in Chicago area to find out if more are interested.
Than Bob can think about what he may want to offer.
And once something like a training day is offered, we may see others from farer away may come due to the training.

The ideal restaurant would offer good food for affordable prices, allow us to reserve a table, not be too noisy, have split pay, easy to reach location, free parking, maybe a subway station (for people from Chicago), may not ask us to leave after two hours or have a bar to continue.

This could be simply a hotel restaurant as those meet some of the criteria and allow people to stay there the night.

I emailed people, so we got a few more people interested :slight_smile:

BTW, In case you don’t know, Massachusetts is no where near Chicago! :wink:

I travel 4300 miles and emailed people who have a shorter way. :slight_smile:

And I got feedback from two people already who’d fly to Chicago for this meeting and a training day.

11 people, great!
Anyone else?

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