Xojo Framework needing updates - 2022, May

  1. The ICU libs are 65.1, an old superseded edition (currently the stable one is 71.1). The current stable one includes many bug fixes, updated UTF-8, timezones, and languages fixes.

  2. Xojo SSLSocket.dll is dangerously outdated, we already have sites and services (Some Microsoft SMTP endpoints for example) we can’t connect. The TLS 1.3 (2018) is not supported yet.

  3. File compression. Xojo uses ZIP compression for their internal use, but does not offer it to users. ZIP compression is a defacto standard, even integrated in OSs as Windows. Xojo MUST give us ZIP creation and manipulation functions natively in their std lib (that’s just a question of research of a proper public compression lib and expose proper functions).

Additional thoughts?

  1. REST

  2. XSLT 2.0 (2 Decades Old?)

  3. Encryption standars

  4. GZip

  5. SVG

  6. Certificates (X.509…)

  7. WebView2 for the Native HTML viewer on windows

You know, the current standards that are way more important than Keyword and event renaming…


That’s a lot of feature requests, not updates.

The main idea was to “unbroken” current things.

My only request (ZIP support) is based on the fact that Xojo has it internally, just don’t expose it, e.g. GZipx64.dll

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Although not officially supported, you CAN use the Xojo implementation of that… If you know how ( or at least you could pre-API 2… have not tried it lately)

Public Function GZip(Uncompressed As String) As String
  // Compresses a string using gzip.
  // Source: https://forum.xojo.com/11634-gunzip-without-a-file/0
  // Return the compressed string.
  Dim GzipContent As New _GzipString
  Return GzipContent.Compress(Uncompressed)
End Function
Public Function GunZip(Compressed As String) As String
  // Decompresses a gzipped string.
  // Source: https://forum.xojo.com/11634-gunzip-without-a-file/0
  // Return the decompressed string.
  Dim GzipContent As New _GzipString
  Return GzipContent.Decompress(Compressed)
End Function



Ok then

  • it is to update XSLT 1.0 that is 2 Decades Old

  • Update the Native HTML viewer on windows to use the WebView2

  • Update the Encryption module to have better support for current standards.

  • Expose the hidden GZip functionality



To add WebView2 support, not “use”. Because I want to avoid it and prefer to choose the multi-platform consistent CEF instead.

If YOU want to use CEF, just select that.

For all of the many users that only care for windows and use the native renderer, WebView2 is the update to that feature.

You know this has been done already in latest (and coming) releases, isn’t? What are you missing? Remember you can always submit Feature requests.

That was posted in 2014…
Yet all these years later it still works (or did last time I used it) … though admittedly there is no guarantee it will continue to work in new versions…but at this point that is unlikely IMO … unless of course they decide to change that because of this post!

But yes they should officially support it as well as the other things most expect in other products these days.


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I already use WebView2 via MBS. On older systems I fall back to the old HTMLViewer and IE 11 rendering.

For needs that don’t go far beyond a Help manual, I don’t care to have my app be more than half the size of Firefox. :slight_smile:

Exactly that, sometimes you have to show simple things, adding more than a hundred MB to your app just to show that is ridiculous. Yes, it is doable, BUT that is the problem, instead of improving, adding real features, and updating the outdated ones, in this case Xojo is even loosing functionality. :confused:

Firefox standalone instaler is 53 Mb. Using CEF adds 130 Mb to the Compiled Xojo App

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox : 207 MB (218.084.975 bytes) ← uncompressed and installed

According to this site ( https://bestwindowssoftware.net/do-i-need-microsoft-edge-webview2-runtime-is-it-ok-to-uninstall-it/ ) WebView2 costs 475MB of disk space

CEF is an entire browser with the half size of a Firefox Installed with consistent behavior in Windows, MacOS and Linux and allowing Xojo intercomm using JS calls. Some of us that need such features don’t care about installing 1/2 Firefox with their softwares. But I agree that for people working with Windows only apps with a need to just show a simple content, WebView2, if installed, can be great.

I have to second this. I put in a feature request for ED25519 support, and a few weeks later I noticed the report is listed as implemented. If you need something, ask for it. It’s just not practical to wrap the entire Crypto++ library.

And GZip, I thought that was exposed already. I swear I saw something in Feedback about it.

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I’ve been casually looking for a way to zip and unzip directly into memory. Thank you for sharing this with us.

I had dug up Thomas’ code for Zipping and was going to give it a whirl at some point, I’ll probably stick with that, because in theory I should be more in control, but it’s nice to know that options exist.

I do not care about ZIP, there are plugins for that… I would apreciate variable row hight in the listbox.

You can fill feedback requests for those later.

I assume WebView2 may be part of the redone Windows controls on the roadmap, but for now you can use it via plugins.

In general I would prefer to get improvements to frameworks, compiler and IDE itself. Xojo Inc. has limited resources, so they should concentrate on things, that can’t be done via plugin.


that can’t be done via MBS plugin :smiley: :laughing: .
Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


and macOS too.

That’s a poor statement. Anything can be done via a plugin, even firing and loading an entire new IDE bootstrapped by the old IDE, so what you said could be read as “please, keep the IDE and Framework outdated and useless, so I can sell more basic stuff to make it useful”.

Plugins actually are for the other way around, anything very specialized, complex or specific could be done using plugins (Examples: Dongle, MacCloud, Phidgets, …), not today’s basic stuff as Printing, Compressing, Encoding, Presenting/generating HTML and PDF and Graphs and Bar/QR codes, Networking, I/O, Mailing, etc All those things the competitors offers OOTB should be able to be used OOTB also.

What we agree here is that, from my POV, the WebView2 addition to the framework can be held a bit more, and your plugin can satisfy people wanting it while it does not come. But a framework refresh can’t wait anymore because it’s causing distress already.