Xojo Developer Retreat Updates

The drive from Atlanta is not bad

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Two more registrations came in today!


I was looking forward to the conference in London. Too bad it couldn’t go through. Hope there will be another XDC to Europe in the future.


Welp, I submitted my proposed presentation topic: the business side of software development.

Been slinging ones and zeroes since 1996 … :woman_shrugging:

This is the first conference where I will be within a reasonable driving distance and have the time to go – finally my long-haul is lessened to the point I’m not in the doctor’s every month!!


Quick update - the call for speakers is now closed. We hope to start announcing the sessions next week!

We will put up a blog post with things to do in Nashville, but I did see that there are some great concerts in town around the dates of the retreat so wanted to share:

  • Pearl Jam - Sept 16 @ Bridgestone Arena
  • The Killers - Sept 17 @ Bridgestone Arena
  • Crowded House - Sept 18 @ Ryman Auditorium
  • Florence + the Machine - Dance Fever Tour - Sept 20 @ Ascend Amphitheater (This is right next to the hotel)
  • Alicia Keys - Sept 24 @ Ascend Amphitheater

Here’s a full list.


A couple more registrations have come in - looking forward to seeing everyone :slight_smile:


What exactly is the dinner event?
I’m having to plan for the fact that I now live without anyone other than my dog… so I may have to drive there and back on both event days to be home at night to walk and feed the dog on Monday night before driving back on in on Tuesday at stupid o’clock in the morning… and head home that same night.

We’ll be posting more details as soon as we finalize everything. FWIW the hotel is pet friendly. I’m not sure the details but may be worth inquiring!

Sessions are announced, we have had some more registrations come in too!

We have attendees registered from: Canada, France, Germany, Spain, UK and USA.


I’m looking forward to this. There are some interesting sessions scheduled, and it’ll be nice to “geek out” with the Xojo team and fellow Xojo enthusiasts for a few days. Thanks for making it happen, @Dana_Brown.


Another registration came in and another country added to the list! We have participants coming from Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and USA.


A couple more registrations came in, including another session soon to be added to the lineup!


This is a useful website that maintains a calendar of events in Nashville so if you’re planning to be in town the weekend prior to the conference, check it out: Events | Nashville Guru

There are some music festivals during this date range: AmericanaFest: Americana Music Festival & Conference | Nashville Guru

Free Jazz music - Jazz on the Cumberland | Nashville Guru

Light & Sound at the Zoo - Night Visions: A Wild Display of Light and Sound | Nashville Guru

Shakespeare: Shakespeare in the Park | Nashville Guru

5k - Hustle for the House | Nashville Guru

If you enjoy trivia, here’s a list of places that do regular trivia nights - Fun Things to Do: Trivia Nights | Nashville Guru

If you like ice cream and snow cones, I have heard really positive things about https://www.cottonandsnow.com/


Another registration for Nashville! There is still space if you want to join - Xojo Developer Retreat 2022


New session just added!

Building Digital Forensic Apps with Xojo - Derrick Donnelly

Understand how data is collected, parsed, analyzed and validated to be used as digital evidence. Digital forensic science is a branch of forensic science that focuses on the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices related to cybercrime. Learn about how BlackBag created industry leading Digital Forensic Applications using Xojo.


Just got ticket’s to Nitty Gritty Dirt Band on Saturday!


Oh I love them! That’s sure to be a good time!


This looks GREAT! Wish I could be there…:frowning:


3 more registrations have come in!

With the conference just 18 days from now, it will soon be time to start thinking about your trip. Check out Packr from @Jeremie_L, it’s an App to help you plan what you’ll need to pack for your stay in Nashville! I just set up my trip and have a customizable list of what I’ll need to pack, along with the local forecast :slight_smile:


One week to go!