Xojo Developer meeting in New York 20th March 2020


On planning our XDC trip for Nashville 2020, it turned out that the flights to Nashville would cost a lot and it’s cheaper to fly cheap to New York, stay some days and fly to Nashville.

So we are saving money by staying in New York :slight_smile:

If there is an interest for a Xojo developer meeting (e.g. dinner together) before XDC, please let me know.
We may run a survey early 2020 to find a date.

If you are interested in private time for consulting, training or discussion MBS or Xojo topics, we can of course schedule a meeting. Please contact me directly interested.

I created a poll to find a date: Survey poll

Can someone confirm the dates show correctly?

Evening 20th, 21st, 22nd or 28th March 2020.
And if someone knows a good location in New York, please let us know.

The dates are correct. Enjoy New York!

New York is a BIG state :slight_smile:

Do you mean NYC? If so, where in NYC are you thinking?

Of course the city of New York.
As an European the name New York is exclusively used for the city unless someone adds state.

We may need to look for a space to meet, preferable near a subway station as I assume all people in NY use the subway heavily.
Suggestions are welcome!

[quote=470073:@Christian Schmitz]Of course the city of New York.
As an European the name New York is exclusively used for the city unless someone adds state.[/quote]
Residents of New York State and City treat it the opposite. Unless you add City we think you mean the state!

[quote=470073:@Christian Schmitz]
As an European the name New York is exclusively used for the city unless someone adds state.

“We went to New York for Christmas shopping”


“He is from New York”


You need to narrow your generalization down a bit.

I’ll be in NYC on the 28th.

I changed the description to New York City. The same problem exists in other places like Luxembourg city/country.

I can be in NYC any of those nights. (Just filled out the survey)

@David Miller, please add yourself to the poll with all days checked you are available.

Today I emailed my plugin users in New York City area.

Anyone else interested?

I send a reminder to more people to get a date fixed.

As far as I see we have people mostly living outside of New York on the list.
So I assume you guys come by car or train?

I wonder if we should just pick an easy to reach place more outside, so the cars can park easier and the subway maybe has a station there, too.

Maybe someone local can help to find a restaurant with reasonable prices and where it’s silent enough to talk…

If most people are coming from New Jersey, then Hoboken is a good option. It is easily accessible by train from many places in New Jersey and also easily accessible by PATH trains from Manhattan. Parking is similar to Manhattan in that unless you are lucky, you should expect to pay for parking - but it will be cheaper in Hoboken.

2 from Pennsylvania, 2 from Long Island, 1 from New Jersey and 2 from New York much north from NYC.

There is no big need to have everyone come down to Manhattan with all the traffic.
e.g. if we look near Mt Vernon or Yonkers, the people coming from north or west have it easier. The two from Long Island can pass by downtown on 295 and I bet from NJ you can come over via George Washington Bridge.

Just a thought, all roads lead to NY PENN Station. This would be easy to get to and plenty of places to go from there.

I am on Long Island and about a 90 minute train ride away. Where in NYC are you having this event? I would like to attend


@Jim Marquardt, you are welcome to email me, so I can add you to the list.

@Rich H, if you know some nice restaurant near Pennsylvania Station, please let me know.
Does someone know Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse right at the station? Or better a block away Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse - Westside?