Xojo change property controls

hi, I recently had a problem with my project, for context: I’m using the 2015 release 4 in windows platform.
I was working in my project

I “Run” the project

It was compiling, when the Windows dialog box with the options “wait”, “close program” or “debug program”, appears

I choose close the program (all xojo closed)

I open xojo again

A dialog asking me if I want to recovery the changes unsaved, I click yes

My project opens

I click “save” and xojo ask me where I want to save it (like if i choose “save as”, but I didn’t)

I saved in the same dir, like xojo project type (not binary, I always use the project type)

then, I “run” the project again, and for my surprise, a lot of controls, change the backColor/backGroundColor property (the color of my controls change), but just in some windows.

Even in the “Inspector” toolbar, the property change.

Any idea what could cause this?


Bad hard disk, bad Xojo, bad project.

Have you trying the project on a different machine ?
(with the free Xojo version)

Thanks you Emili

In different machine the problem remains

we will change the pc case


I experienced the same many many times in the past. It’s not your machine or OS :slight_smile: