Xojo Android and Zebra EMDK

Hello everyone,

I am looking into the possibility of using XOJO to develop an Android APP that will be targeted at Zebra Devices (TC21 and TC21-HC Mobile Computer Support and Downloads | Zebra).

These Zebra devices of course run on Android and have a number of built in functions like barcode scanner. Zebra make available what they call Enterprise Mobility Development Kit(EMDK) for Android to make use of these functions.

More information can be found here EMDK for Android Support & Downloads | Zebra.

Would I be able to use XOJO to access this EMDK? I found samples and libraries for .NET MAUI, XAMARIN and also for Android Studio.

Thank you for your help!


I am also interested in this type of implementation.

Android support is too limited. And the current options to “extended” it are not compatible with this kind of libraries. Xojo make some questionable choices using kotlin instead of the ubiquitous java. The samples and libraries for Android studio are Java…

Based on the developement speed this is hart do imagine in xojo in the near future.

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Thank you Ivan for your feedback and information.

The problem is that it’s a java library?I thought Kotlin was designed to be compatible with java code.

This question is the perfect example why I stopped by Xojo subscription after one year. This kind of feature really should be built in (barcode scanning on Zebra PDAs, and why not other similar devices, but at least a common brand…). Many companies need small custom application around such devices. Xojo would be perfect for this kind of enterprise use (quick development of small custom applications). Unfortunately, Xojo management doesn’t seem to understand where they should focus their development time.
The new barcode scanning features (using camera) are also interesting for enterprise use, and I took a look at it, but unfortunately they only seem to support QR and EAN128. Not supporting basic barcodes such as Datamatrix, EAN13,… is really stupid. And who knows when they’re going to support these…
Also, the barcode scanning feature should support scanning several barcodes at once for example (giving coordinates of each). Each new feature needs to be complete enough to be usable, and they forget this…