Communicate with an SDK on Android

Hi all,

Can someone from Xojo inc or an MVP please confirm that it is not possible to use an external SDK in a Xojo Android project? Even by including this SDK in an Android Studio project and importing this project into Xojo as a library?

If that’s not possible, is there any chance that it will be this year? Because I don’t see anything to that effect on the roadmap.

In some professional projects, we do indeed need to communicate closely with SDKs from other companies, for example to communicate locally with hardware or specialized functionalities, such as Stripe Tap to pay, or Zebra.

You can contact support for a direct answer.
In general Xojo does not mention timelines, so if SDK is not possible now they will not answer the ‘will be this year’ question.

No Alberto, I’ve been using Xojo/Realbasic for over 20 years, Jason has always been super nice and efficient for questions concerning classic code, but unless that’s changed, Xojo engineers answer here instead for specific problems concerning their specialty.

And I don’t know whether or not it’s possible to use an external SDK now. As I was saying, I have a small, admittedly slim, hope that it might be possible by using a library.

I don’t know why you said that. No what, you will not contact support? Sorry I don’t understand.

Maybe if you ping @Jason_Parsley you will get an answer faster.

I still think emailing support is your best bet for questions like this.

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It will probably depend on the SDK, but I think you could wrap it in a library and add the dependency and/or permission to the project build settings and it should work.

Wow, what great news! Thanks a lot Paul ! I’ll be studying this (or having it studied) over the next few weeks and will keep the community updated on the results. :crossed_fingers:

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As promised, I’m publishing the results of a small study I commissioned for the integration of the Stripe Tap to pay SDK into a Xojo Android application. Unfortunately, the results are not positive :

We can’t specify all the parts expected by Stripe in the permissions in Xojo, which are listed here Set up your integration | Stripe Documentation. This is about the xml attribute “maxSdkVersion” which cannot be specified but is required.

Furthermore, the integration of the SDK requires such a deep anchoring in the code, which we cannot achieve at all with declares and also currently not with an external Android library, since access to an Android library is always only temporary. This means that created objects are not cached anywhere, but we would need them to be able to implement the Tap To Pay function.

Xojo for Android is currently much, much further along than the iOS in Xojo was in the early years. Nevertheless, your request is a very special case where Xojo, at the moment, does not yet offer the possibility to handle it.