Xojo 2021r3?

Plugin Devs releasing updates for a 2021r3 Release. Has it already been released? I can’t find a Download for a 2021r3 anywhere. :man_shrugging:

Patience, young Padawan.


Xojo Tweeted this:

As far as I know, nothing else has been said publicly.


Something to note, Xojo’s releases have mostly been on a Thursday.

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They are usually Tuesday, but have been late recently.

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Anyway, everyone should happy about some extra bugfixes.


I have a rule, never release a new software near to the weekend, unless you don’t want to rest that weekend. Never update production servers on Fridays too. Tuesdays seen a good rule.


well, most of the devs are in the beta channel, so they have access to an early release, why are you not in the beta channel?

I was, but my time is limited and that‘s why i did not request access again when i renewed my license. :slight_smile:

I believe one should only ask for Beta access if the person is really willing and able to test & help.



Found while I searched something here:

Then you can check back in the next hours :slight_smile:

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Wasn’t it on Tuesday last year (and prior years) ?

Looks like the documentation is being updated before the release even comes :sweat_smile:.

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Or the release is coming… On a Thursday?

Don’t know how long the time between updating the documentation and releasing the app would take; days, perhaps? Hours? Or 10 seconds?
But the fact that the documentation is being updated before the release (and not at the same time) makes me smiling.

For MBS Plugins a Release is about 50 steps to follow, so it takes a while.


Depends on how much time takes a “step” :wink:

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Almost nothing in the world happens at the same exact time. But if updating docs takes some time, docs first is the correct order.

I would have imagined kind of a switch. Keep r2 and the older documentation in place; put r3 on the server (with no link yet) and the documentation in a temporary folder. Then turn the switch which deploys the link (along with a prepared announcement) and swaps the temporary documentation folder with the current one.

Maybe things depends of databases and not file structs? Uploads and not move syscalls? They aren’t dumb, so I believe that things happens this way because there’s a reason for that. So I don’t smile because of it, I just get in a state of “becoming curious” on “what’s happening?”