Xojo 2021r3?

This is how you do it with critical information/infrastructures.
But i also think it’s ok to update here, then there and so on, in this case. We are not talking about a credit institute or a government site or so… :slight_smile:

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Agreed, @Rick_A. I smiled at first before thinking deeper.

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I usually start 3 days earlier with writing the announcement.
I often upload things the day before.

On the release day I upload fresh website and then write blog post, then send emails.


The Black Friday stuff may not be complete… so the applications releases have to wait a bit.

I will read your next comments by tomorro.

In the meanwhile we can read the release notes: https://documentation.xojo.com/resources/release_notes/2021r3.html

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Thank you…

Please be chill my European friends, it is not yet 8 am in Texas :slightly_smiling_face: (and not yet 6 AM here in Oregon). Enjoy the release notes until more things happen…Thanks


Good remainder.
You’re early in the morning, today :wink:

I couldn’t sleep :laughing:


So exited for 2021r3 release? :wink:

It really looks impressive so far (based on the release notes).


I don’t understand what to do with the warning DesktopApplication which replace deprecated Application.

I have warning on SegemntedControl.Name (property) which is deprecated and should be replacer by caption, but in the code this is Title to be replaced by Caption. And we have the same alert when we add a new segmentedcontrol.

Anyway, it’s 9 PM in France then stop for me now. :slight_smile:

Nothing you can do with it. Replace SegmentedControl with DesktopSegmentedButton to resolve.

And when I replace Application.Window(x) by DesktopApplication.Window(X) it tell me I have to use it in desktopapplication class. I have to replace App by DesktopApp ?

Then in all my applications, I will have to create new app class and new segmented control, rename them as the old one afet have copied all the code in their events? Ohhh, it will take less time than API1 to API2 but a lot of work anyway.

Edit : I began to read topic 2021r3 New Release