XDC2022 Open Conversation - Day 1

Or young eyesight…

The market for languages and IDEs has changed a lot in the last 5+ years.
The number of young developers that are fluent in coding in language xyz and in handling IDE dfg now is determined by what colleges and universities teach.
Another strong indicator are job offerings and qualifications employers are looking for.

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Frankly, I didn’t mind hanging out with the wisest and most experienced among us.


I’m old enough to put on a wise front. :slight_smile:

I’m glad to finally fix the lack of proper beards in these conferences.

Jokes aside, it’s been really nice to meet you all in person, and even doing some pair programming. I’m looking forward to see how those projects keep evolving.

Thank you for coming! :green_heart:


It’s a VGT™ (Very Good Thing).

When I was a young man I looked forward to the conferences my employers would pay for me to attend. From Xojo’s website:

Surely some of those companies would pony up to send a developer or two to a potentially useful conference.

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I think so too.

“Joe Newbie Shop” want solutions…

“Joe Newbie Employee” seek for a job…

Understand the difference ?

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LOL there is another meaning to that phrase on the screen.

:slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

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Xojo says “Xojo is used by people at [those companies]” not “Those companies use Xojo”, that may be why those companies doesn’t send people to a conference. The management doesn’t know about the tool used by some of their employees, and maybe bought privately by them, for their own use, maybe they even don’t use it in the company, but at home. Or some of those pals just aren’t in a sub 40 category and some were there. :smiley: