XDC2022 Open Conversation - Day 1

Sitting at the Hyatt Centric here in Nashville waiting for Geoff’s keynote to start after breakfast…


And Geoff starts with some funny stories…


And here we go…



He starts by thanking the MVP’s, obviously the most important point of the day. I’ll stick around anyway, just in case there is other, less important stuff…


I’d estimate that there are 30-40 of us here. @Dana_Brown or @Alyssa_Foley could give us the actual numbers, but given the circumstances, I think this is pretty good.

3.38 years since Miami.


Discussing changes since the last XDC, like Windows on ARM and moving feedback to Issues.

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Enjoy and thanks Kem for giving us some info on what is going on. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it this time.

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I trust that turnout will be closer to the conferences as life returns to normal.

Geoff is discussing Android. It’s feature-complete and in the bug-fixing stage. Travis will present on this later today.


100 bugs fixed during the Bug Bash, with Paul fixing two of the oldest, and William fixing 34% of those.


2 weeks per cycle will be devoted to this type of “Bug Bash” bug fixing. Give issues a Thumbs Up in Issues to indicate their importance.


Geoff is talking about the App Showcase and showing some of the apps you might find there. Perhaps someone can provide a link here.

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If you can ask questions, can you ask if they will be going back through the nominees to finish them off or do we need to start campaigning on the forum for :+1:

Talking about the Student program (I missed the name), and how the demographics of the user base has changed. Example, 34% female developers now, which is above the industry average of 28%.

Next talked about the YouTube channels, then moved onto the Forum.

Top trending search term on the Forum is “Android”.

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GitHub Student Developer Pack

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Discussing Forum statistics. It turns out @Anthony_G_Cyphers spends a lot of time on the Forum.

I won’t mention all the stats, but @Tim_Parnell gets the most likes. Take a bow Tim.


Geoff has moved on to strategy and what goes into the decisions they make…


Geoff showed the new controls they plan to add, including updated toolbars, popover and side bar controls.

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And now the Roadmap…

  • ARM64 for Linux: Feature complete, just fixing bugs.
  • Android: Feature complete, fixing bugs.
  • New UI controls: Eg., Popover, Sidebar.
  • Modernizing the Toolbar API’s
  • Refreshing controls for Windows 10 & 11.
  • IDE navigation
  • DatabaseConnection class: Singleton that will let you connect through a single point to various databases.
  • Declare automation: In the past, talked about Interops, but (it sounds like) they are going in a different direction. Initially iOS and MacOS, others to follow.
  • Plugins made in Xojo: Now calling it Libraries, packages of Xojo code that can be bundled. No source code so will act like a plug-in.
  • Grid control: Flexible grid of ContainerControls.

(Now demoing Grid Control.)