XDC2018 Open Conversation - Day 2

Starting off day 2 here in Denver. We’ve (mostly) finished breakfast and I’m about to watch @Hal Gumbert talk about Xanadu with Aloe before presenting myself.

I’ll be distracted a bit this morning so hopefully others will post some updates.

I’m about to see Dirk Cleenwerck and Gino Deblauwe speak about implementing a REST api with the web framework.

Gino is covering multiple ways to authenticate a user for your REST API. Currently discussing the fundamentals of OAuth.

Everyone should look at Xanadu with Aloe. This is wicked cool in ways I can’t describe here.

Dirk says that they build all their REST APIs on top of Aloe. REALLY wish I could be in both sessions at once.

Check these slides for Xanadu+Aloe: http://vxug.org/meetings/

Thankfully they’re recording sessions for later review.

Gino is doing a live demo of setting up a REST api server starting with a completely blank Ubuntu instance.
Protip: Let’sEncrypt can be used for free SSL certificates that auto-renew. Painless high-grade security for your webserver.

Really wish I was able to install and configure a full apache, and postres server in real time like Gino with full SSL and API!

Think anyone would notice if I attended @Chris Halford 's session on Practical Color Management instead of my own? Tempted to find out, because I really want to.

Thank goodness for the video.

If anyone is interested in getting another shirt or bag - stop by and see us at the registration desk!

Gino used Paw to test his newly-configured REST server. I can also recommend Rested for testing REST API endpoints from OS X - it’s free, and pretty full-featured.

We use Postman, another nice option.

I used to use Postman, back when it was essentially a plugin for Chrome. It looks to have matured quite a bit since then.

I’m definitely going to be looking into Luna: https://lunaapi.ga/

Kem is getting started discussing encrypting data in your database.

Postgres ?

Yes. Postgres, MySQL, and SQLite. Does not encrypt the entire database - rather can do encryption at the field level.

Performance ?

The things Gino did to set it up will be in the conference documentation that will be made available.