XDC2016 Thoughts

2016 was my first time attending XDC, and it was amazing. I learned a lot, and met so many incredibly nice, interesting, and brilliant people. I want thank everyone for their kindness, generosity, and for the laughs. I feel like I’ve found my “tribe.”

Special thanks to @Dana Brown, @Alyssa Foley, and the Xojo team for putting together such a great event.

We are so glad you could join us @Tim Dietrich! It was great to finally meet you in person! Welcome to the Xojo tribe :slight_smile: See you at the next XDC!

I felt the same way at my first XDC 4 years ago, and still feel that way every year. It’s a great event, with amazing people, and I’m already looking forward to next year!

What they said.

This was my first one, too. Almost overwhelmed with information! I definitely enjoyed meeting everyone and I now have real faces (and accents) to attach to the forum posts.

Sounds like another great event, congrats to the whole team.

I’ll definitely be there next year! ™

Arrived in Germany.
No flat tire, but also no spare tire!

So see you at the next conference.

Thank you all for your reports / comments / smiles.

Another thought. This conference was so successful, I’m already looking forward to the next one.

Just got home.
Nicely done @Dana Brown and @Alyssa Foley - thanks for your efforts putting this together. A job well done

Thanks @Patrick Delaney! It was great to see you again and thanks for participating as a speaker! We hope you will join us next time!

I hope he speaks again (so I can hear him personally as I missed this year) and I hope @Dana has the problem of too many speakers and not enough time slots problem over vice versa.

Every session I have been to, to every XDC conference has been good to great, never a bad session. never ever!


Suggestion, @Tim Dietrich … In the title of this conversation, change “XDC 2016” to “XDC2016”. It will make it easier to find later.

Thanks @Kem Tekinay - good idea! I’ve just updated the title.

I have to agree with Tim. It was also my first XDC.

The presentations covered such a wide range of topics. It was really cool to see all the incredibly different ways people use Xojo and to hear the depth of knowledge each one has in their particular areas. I learned a ton, and it was a privilege to present as well… plus it was fun! It was particularly great to meet everyone in person. The whole event ran smoothly, the food was great, the entertainment was great. You all did a fantastic job.



This. This is why I go every year. Renewing friendships, meeting with clients (both old and prospective), learning new things, and talking Xojo non-stop makes for an awesome experience.

what @Bob Keeney said is the reason why I go (almost) every year. It is almost non-stop Xojo for the entire trip.

The only event that I can go to and NOT get heck for “Always talking computers” from wife & kids :stuck_out_tongue:

I was another first timer at XDC. In my 30+ years of involvement in the software industry, this was one of the best development conferences I have attended. Professionalism and willingness to engage with new attendees was evident at every level. Wonderful experience!