XDC2016 Open Conversation - Day 2

Morning all

I wanted to start today’s thread before @Kem Tekinay steals all the bandwidth again!

Good morning all.

After another good breakfast (seriously, this is not a place to come if your goal is to lose weight), I’m listening to @Greg O’Lone talk about build automation.

I would kill to know more about this. really kill. I cant wait until the videos are on sale so I can watch this session. There are many sessions I am upset about missing but this one is the king of sessions I am going to miss. Hopefully @Greg O’Lone can do a blog post or youtube video or something about this. Xojo with no CLI compilation has hurt its ability to be in CI/CD environments. Now Greg has found a way with GO.cd to do it with Xojo. If so, they is a big hurdle that is no longer an issue.

so… @Kem Tekinay I am living through you this morning. :slight_smile:

I do that most days, it’s better this way.

When IDE Communicator 2.0 will be released?

He reviewed what’s coming with IDECommunicator 2.0. The big change will be two-way communication in the same session. In other words, it will send back JSON data without having to close the socket to help you deal with errors and other issues from an external script.

Now listening to @Dirk Cleenwerck give us the ins and outs of PostgreSQL.

Some fun over here in REST services, “The slides are over, now the fun begins” :slight_smile:

^ with @Patrick Delaney .

PSQL 9.6 allows you to set a timeout on transactions. Sweet!

AH, now you can get some REST, grrrr…pfff… :smiley:

I was going to go for the pun, but I didn’t. I’m glad someone did.

I wish nobody did.

@Tim Dietrich telling us about developing AppleTV apps with Xojo now.

Well that’s my presentation done and in the history books.

Sorry the attendees wont get that hour back! :slight_smile:

Well Hello Apple TV!

Thanks for the updates, this is great!

@Paul Lefebvre is chatting us up all about the Raspberry Pi. So far, it’s been an overview of the device and ecosystem, etc. Looking forward to some example apps built in Xojo.

After barbecue and blueberry pie (!), I’m listening to @Paul Lefebvre talk about the Raspberry Pi. Such a neat device.

they should have serve you guys some real raspberry pie instead